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#1843: 1/4" of snow this morning.

Sitting here sifting the usual sites, I heard an emergency vehicle go by, sirens blaring. Gee, I wonder if someone thought 1/4" of snow wasn't enough to affect the handling of his vehicle?


* * *

This is what it's like in Cuba, a place loved by so many American celebutards as "fair" and "happy" and "good".

Hint: it sucks to live there. Sure, if you're a rich and famous American liberal, you're shown the fancy hospital of which almost none of the proles get to see the interior, and you stay at a nice fancy hotel with Internet access and plenty of good food; but if you live there your standard of living is slightly less opulent.

Cuban healthcare is shit.

Cuba's a shithole.

* * *

Og discusses Copenhagen. ",,,[T]he Won will glibly sign on to whatever asinine bullshit they cobble together. And then we’ll be saddled with a bunch of crap designed to destroy the ability of businesses to do business."

Fortunately, Congress has to ratify the treaty before it's put into effect. One of the earliest issues the Democrats bitched about George W. Bush with was his refusal to do anything with the Kyoto Protocol; but the "inconvenient truth" of the matter was that Clinton signed the thing and Congress voted against ratifying it, nearly to a man. One or two whack jobs voted for it. All the rest--Republican and Democrat alike--voted against it.

It may be different in today's environment; then again, it may not. We'll have to see. Anything coming out of Copenhagen is likely to make Kyoto look like a bad joke, so the smart Congresscrits will vote against that nonsense. The question is, how mnay smart people remain in Congress?

(Come to think of it, I think it's just the Senate, not the entire Congress, but I'm too lazy to look it up or correct what I just wrote.)

* * *

Dennis: "Barack Obama worries me, but not excessively. That's because it is now quite obvious that he's a world-class pussy, and world-class pussies just don't worry me all that much. If Barack Obama should be worrying anyone, it is progressives..."

* * *

ET's blog, the "hate" tag. There's stuff in there I have to write about, eventually.

* * *

After a mere 3 doses of amoxicillin, my sinuses have already begun to dry up. The postnasal drip is largely gone already and my left ear is no longer making those weird crinkling noises.

What I know about medical science says that's not possible--it takes at least 36 hours for oral antibiotics to rise to a threshold that can actually affect bacterial populations in the human body--but I'm not about to argue with the results, even if they are mostly placebo effect right now. (Don't argue with the placebo effect; it works, to a point...and when it stops working the amox. will be at a functional concentration.)

And I feel a little better than yesterday, too. (Placebo effect FTW.)

The amox. RX is actually a refill from the prescription I had last year for the exact same crud. I was surprised that it was still good, but while perusing back posts I found that the RX had been first filled on 12/23/08; so as soon as we got home from the grocery shopping I called the pharmacy to inquire about it. The RX was still good, so I told 'em to fill it, and they told me it'd be ready in half an hour. I spent more time on hold waiting to talk to someone than I did actually requesting the refill.

* * *

Snow is now predicted for today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. We'll see how much we get. When I got up around 4 AM and saw that it was snowing, I put on shoes and coat and hat and went out to look at it. I could see snowflakes glittering in the light of the post lamp.

Big surprise, right? Snowflakes don't just fall; they tumble, and some of them are flat enough to reflect light when they're at the correct angle to it. So, you see these glittery little sparkles in the air.

You know, there's an interesting question no one seems to know the answer to: why are snowflakes symmetrical? The water molecule contains a 120° angle, so naturally crystals of frozen water will form 120° and 60° angles--but why should a snowflake have all its water molecules arranged such that it's symmetrical? Shouldn't they just stack together whichever way? How the hell do the molecules on one side of the crystal know what the molecules are doing on the other side, let alone form in a mirror image of the same shape?

We think we know what causes global warming yet we don't even understand how ice works. WTF.

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