atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1845: The hole in the lawn.

There's a hole in the easement area of our front lawn, about 4x5, and down to the clay, around the telephone punchdown block.

Three cables are exposed: the one which connects the block to the main cables running along the thoroughfare; one which goes up the pole to service this block; and one which leads under the street to the other side, to service the subdivision.

If I had to make a guess, I'd suspect they're planning to replace the punchdown block. Well, it's only been there about 27 years. We're certainly not getting fiber here, as 27 years ago AT&T put in miles of copper and it was a major undertaking.

* * *

UN corruption? How is that even possible? Everyone knows the UN is a model of ethics!

...yes, that's sarcasm, and no, I'm not surprised at this story.

* * *

Snowflake symmetry. I talked about this a bit yesterday.

The FAQ says snowflakes are symmetrical because an individual snowflake is pretty small and the critical conditions which govern ice crystal morphology more-or-less prevail across the width of the thing. I have trouble accepting that explanation, but WTF.

* * *

My slippers are seldom where I left them.

My cat Luna likes to play with them. She'll put her front paws into one and push with her hind legs, shoving the slipper across the floor and (frequently) under the bed. She'll "dig" in one with her front paws. So if it's been more than a few hours since I took them off--especially if I've gone to bed in the meantime--I can expect a rousing game of "okay, where the hell's the other one?"


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