atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1846: The $200 computer, 2009-style

I saw the Acer AspireRevo at Best Buy last week.

I think Mom came this > < close to seriously considering buying one, until I pointed out that the thing doesn't have an optical drive. But heck, how much does a USB DVD drive cost?

The thing would be much faster than her current machine, a Compaq Presario desktop vintage 1998. But I don't know whether her software would work--she has several games which are what she does when she's not doing crossword puzzles or watching TV.

WTF, it runs XP, and my old laptop runs XP, so maybe I should do some experimenting. I'd love it if we could get rid of that Compaq.

I'd really like her to get something a bit more powerful than this, actually. A new desktop, running XP, would be fine (assuming her software will work).

Anyway, $200, and it's good enough for basic computer stuff. You're not going to want to play WoW or any other serious game on the thing--it'll choke bad--but if your primary uses for your computer are 11-year-old games, e-mail, and writing letters, it's a good fit. just need a way to get the data from the old machine to the new one. USB DVD FTW.

In 1983, a Commodore 64 cost $200. Go figure.

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