atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1848: Next we'll work on eliminating pooping

Era of greed coming to an end, claims the Co-CEO of GE, who makes more money in a year than you'll earn in your life.

Greed is over! People won't be greedy any more! Things are changing!

...what a crock.

* * *

Scientists have detected the undetectable. That's right: there's a rumor floating around the Internet that someone has managed to detect a particle of dark matter!


"It could help account for the 'missing mass' in the Universe that would explain why galaxies rotate at their current speeds." This allows scientsts to continue to use classical mechanics on a galactic scale, rather than General Relativity, which is hard. Even though galaxies work fine with GR without having to resort to making 90% of the universe completely undetectable*.

*=almost completely undetectable, I guess.

* * *

We got almost two inches of snow here. Whee! It's a winter wonderland!

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