atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1852: God help me, I started a guild.

I ran into a guy in the Alterac Mountains who was yelling "ZAGA KEK" at Horde nerds. I asked him WTF he was doing and he told me that when someone speaking Orcish typed "noob lol" it came out as "zaga kek".

...about 20 minutes later I was paying 10 silver for a guild petition in Ironforge for a guild named "Zaga Kek LLC". I offered gold and vanity pets for signatures, and got what I needed; and so now Zaga Kek LLC is a going concern.

Amaleni donated 500 gold to the cause, so ZKL now has a single guild vault tab and the guild contains nine members, self included.

Oh--Torgilgrimm is the guild master, which means I'm going to have to play that character more often. But this isn't a problem since he's now beginning to be strong enough to be playable.

Today I went after the "Forsaken Courier" that walks between Tarren Mill and that orc farm in Arathi--with his bodyguards, it makes a mob of five level 35 undead--and at 35th level I managed to kill them all without dying myself. This from a character who--at level 17--couldn't take one leve1 14 monster.

The guild tabard? It's a mushroom, of course.

To make matters even more entertaining, I random-grouped again and ended up doing a Razorfen Downs run. I got the achievement for it, and took care of a quest worth about 5,000 XP--not bad.

One of the people who signed my guild petition suggested we hit Warsong Gulch, so I said, "WTF, why not?" and tried it. It was frenetic and I kept dying, but I did manage to kill one orc all by myself, and he was a higher level player character than I was. That was pretty cool. I may do more PvP stuff with a more combat-oriented character class.

But right now, I can think only of going to bed.

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