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#1854: It's a bunch of miscellanious stuff today

Mark Alger vivisects AGW. Very good.

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The Al Gore Effect is still working well. Temperatures in Copenhagen: -10°C (13.5°F). And snow.

13.5°F really isn't that cold, but I have no idea what a normal temp is for Copenhagen this time of year. But I don't know that an article about the temperature would appear if it were par for the course; and the article mentions Carbonhagen delegates having to buy cold weather gear in response to "the cold snap", so I infer that 13.5°F is unusually cold for Carbonhagen this time of year.

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So Lieberman is balking at ObamaCare. And that means the Democrats no longer have sixty votes, and that means the bill is not assured of passage unless the Democrats can snow Snowe into voting for it.

In fact, you can hear the Democrats running around complaining about "Republican obstructionism" but the Democrats have majorities in both houses of Congress. If the Democrats could only get their shit together they would already have this thing in Obama's "out" box with his signature drying on the dotted line. So Democrats complaining about "Republican obstructionism" is bullshit. (It's only "obstructionism" because Republicans refuse to vote for it.)

The problem is, the bill is a stinker and plenty of Democrats know it. Democrats can't agree on what the bill should look like, because there are still some Democrats with enough appreciation of economic theory to understand what such a bill will mean.

Not enough, but some.

* * *

The rules always protect bullies. I know this from personal experience; you may not do anything to stop or prevent bullying without risking punishment. Bullies can do whatever they want; if you do anything to stop it, your response is "inappropriate".

Story of my life. Literally.

* * *

The radical left is upset with Obama because "change" isn't happening.

Obama made quite a few promises to secure the support of leftists in this country, and they're angry that he's not making good on them. But what the hell are those people going to do? Vote Republican? Hell no; the worst they'll do is vote Green.

Anyway, Obama has three years before he personally has to worry about how those people are going to vote, so if the Democrat party loses control of Congress it's not going to make a hell of a lot of difference to him.

But although Obama is himself a radical leftist, he's just one guy; and despite his power grabs (all those czars) he can't overstep the constitutional limits of the executive branch too far. Obama needs Congress help in order to make good on his campaign promises--and therein lies the rub.

As we're seeing with the ObamaCare debate, the Democrats can't all agree on what should and should not be done. When Obama can make a unilateral decision, he makes it, but many of his campaign issues require input from the legislative branch.

And when it is a unilateral decision, if it is something Obama hasn't got any experience with, his decision takes forever: witness please his extended ponder about what to do with the troop request for Afghanistan.

It doesn't help that Obama is increasingly appearing to be weak-willed, even cowardly, when it comes to hard choices; his long-delayed Afghanistan decision shows a desperate desire on his part simply to vote "present" rather than make a decision which will come back to bite him later regardless of which alternative he selects.

Look at his alternatives: A) he gives the armed forces what they need, which gets him into hot water with his leftist pals; or B) he denies the request, thus dooming the entire effort to failure, which gets him into hot water with the American people and which could potentially prevent his re-election in 2012.

And so his decision was totally gutless: he gave the armed forces most of what they needed, but slapped ludicrous rules on them, and promised that we'd start pulling out of Afghanistan about the time the deployment finally reached full strength.

His Afghanistan decision had nothing to do with winning the war there and everything to do with making sure he could duck criticism from as many directions as possible.

* * *

The Anchoress asks us who do we trust? A good read. As always.

* * *

Man, I'm beat. I'm going back to bed.

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