atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1864: Secret Service shuts down all GenAv air traffic around Oahu

For two weeks.
The effect is staggering... outlawing civil flight over much of the island and putting extensive and nearly unworkable restrictions on much more... and worse, creating an UNSAFE situation in which many operations that might have been conducted over land would be pushed out FAR over the ocean and creating extensive and inexplicable hazards for many GA operations attempting to stay on the right side of the so-called lawful order inherent in the TFR.
Isn't that nice? People who make their living by flying light aircraft are officially screwed.

Imagine, if you would, the outcry which would have arisen had George W. Bush shut down air traffic over an entire island of Hawaii for two weeks so he could take a vacation.

* * *

A serious takedown of Avatar. By someone who's seen it.

* * *

It's 3:20 AM and it's snowing outside. It was snowing when I went out for a burger around 1, and the roads were slippery enough that I needed 4WD to get the Jeep moving in spots.

I don't think we'll get more than a couple of inches, though.

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