atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1866: Al Franken, bully.

Al Franken throws his weight around. He's picking on staffers, who he outranks. "That's Al Franken: He's looking to fight anyone who can't fight back."

Minnesota, are you sorry you let that asshat steal the election yet? Too bad; you're stuck with him for the next five years.

* * *

AP told us a few days ago that the economy was recovering, so what the hell is this crap?

"Strong economic rebound depends on more than Santa," goes the headline--but if we're in an economic rebound, why is this story even necessary? I'll tell you why: there is none.

So first they tell us that the economy is coming back; and then they tell us the economy is, in fact, still on life support. WTF.

* * *

Stores have been very careful about inventory this year. A store would much rather sell out of an item than have leftovers which have to be put on clearance. In a poor economy, inventory management becomes even more important because putting merchandise on clearance is bad for your profit margin.

* * *

So what the hell is this about? Obama has granted complete diplomatic immunity to INTERPOL. That means if an INTERPOL officer busts down your door and ransacks your house because he thinks (even incorrectly) that an international fugitive hid the goods in your sock drawer, you have no recourse whatsoever: he's got diplomatic immunity and no one can (or will) take him to task for wrecking your house.

WTF is this shit?

* * *

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Don't expect much from me; the day is swamped with all kinds of stuff. Mostly driving. *sigh*

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