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#1871: "Peoples' Liberation Army Navy"?

That is apparently the name of the Chinese naval force. Why couldn't they just call it the "Peoples' Liberation Navy"?

Apparently PLAN is too inept to kill Somali pirates. China had to pay some $4 million in ransom to Somali pirates to get a ship back from them.

...I guess if you consider your navy part of your army, things get confusing enough that your sailors mix up digging a foxhole and bailing, with often zany results. It could be a sitcom. It's a laugh fest, tonight on Mao's Navy!

Or "Army Navy".

* * *

In an attempt to trump up animal cruelty charges, a PeTA moron, working undercover, purposely failed to take care of some animals.

Apparently it's "ethical" to mistreat animals when you're trying to prove that someone else is mistreating animals.

* * *

...looks like I'm going to ring in the new year the same way I did last year: playing WoW.

But there's nothing in the game calendar about fireworks, dang it. Last year there were fireworks in the game.

I just finished whittling Calandraxyzz's quest log down. I've got one quest left to do--a simple one--and then I'm going to figure out WTF I want to do next. She's just hit 47th level, so there are lots of places open to me. I just have to decide what I want to do.

* * *

We got another couple inches of snow last night. I don't know how much we were supposed to get, but it snowed pretty much continuously from the time the sun set until after midnight.

I finished reading Butcher's Small Favor yesterday. I'm looking forward to the next book; I may not wait for paperback. We'll see.

* * *

I'm having trouble getting through Strawberry 100%. I bought volumes 6 & 7 a couple weeks ago, and after reading everything else but the Haruhi book I turned to them. I don't know what the problem is.

There's a lot of story which wasn't in the anime--that makes sense, considering they tried to compress too much manga into too little animation--but that's not really the problem. I'm not sure what the problem actually is.

It's a harem comedy, and the problem arises because Junpei--the protagonist--is like most other harem comedy protagonists, and he can't make up his mind which girl he wants nor does he want to hurt the others' feelings.

The covers of 6&7 both allude to a weather vane--kazamidori--which is an excellent metaphor for Junpei's indecision. Just about the time you think he's finally made up his mind, something changes it, and it's irritating.

(For my own part, it would come down to a decision between Satsuki and Aya; the other girls wouldn't even be in the running. Satsuki has more personality; Aya is a nicer person.)

The worst part of all this is that the stuff doesn't make me laugh. I don't find it funny. The humor in I"s made me laugh even though it was meant to be much more serious than Strawberry 100%.

Still, despite all this, I am finding it entertaining, so I don't know what the hell I'm going to do.

I am going to be buying more Bamboo Blade, though. The artist has a bit of trouble showing action, but that's not very surprising since fast-paced action is really hard to show; I can think of other series which had the same problems. (One of them was Magic Knight Rayearth, believe it or not.)

Since--ironically for a series about martial arts--about 95% of BB is not action, though, it works well enough.

Anyway, once I'm done with S100% I'm going to have to dive into Haruhi.

* * *

So I saw a "de-motivation" on 4chan:

where is he now?
Excuse the crappy formatting, but I haven't bothered to find new FTP space yet....

The fallacy comes from performing algebraic manipulation on an equation which is already as simple as it can get. You don't do algebra to make an equation more complex; you do it to simplify. "a=b" is an identity; there is no need to do anything with it nor is there any percentage in doing anything. Without some other piece of information, further manipulation is meaningless.

The problem comes in line 5; the distributive property is asymmetrically applied: 2a-2b becomes 2(a-b) on the left side of the equal sign, but a similar manipulation is not carried out on the right side. 2(a-b) does not equal a+b-2b. (2a-2b does.)

(In the special case where a and b are both 1, "2(a-b)=a+b-2b" works. But that's the only time.)

Crappy mathematical technique has nothing to do with God.

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