atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#188: Happy Lesson

Thursday morning, before bed, I finished watching Happy Lesson (HL) and I think I understand Steven Den Beste's opinion regarding the end of the series:

...They spent one and a half episodes developing exactly the plot line I'd been hoping to see all through the series, and then jerked the rug out from under with the cheapest, crummiest deus ex machina to be found in Writerville: a reset. Two characters suddenly lose their memories of the events of the previous few days and proceed as if none of those events had happened. It's a cheat, a copout. In plain terms, they wanted to preserve the basic series continuity for potential sequels, and that episode-and-a-half of development would have fundamentally changed the character dynamics. So they let us watch it, then grabbed it away from us again instead of carrying through. Talk about plottus interruptus...

He's not kidding. In the last minute of the last episode, no less. It was a serious WHAT THE FUCK?? moment for me, too.

Overall the series is really very good, but for that.

The "reset" Steven refers to was cheap but there is plenty of precedence for it in the prior 13 episodes. In a fairer world, the developments of episodes 13-14 would have happened much earlier in the series; and the writers would then have built a reasonable and logical explanation for the "reset" to occur that was a hell of a lot less contrived.

I will mind this a lot less if I get to see more HL, especially with episodes that have lots and lots of Fumitsuki in them.

I would like to post a picture of Fumitsuki in her devil costume from episode 13. The problem is, I can't find one. You would--or, at least, I would--think that such utter anime babe hotness would be all over Al Gore's Internet, but it's not. And that, in the words of former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, bothers me.

Naturally, my system refuses to capture images from the DVD player application. And I don't have time to screw around with my Snappy today, either, and won't for at least another two or three days.


Oh well. This one will have to do until I can do a frame grab:

One of HL's good points is that a lot of the fan service in the series (which is rather limited, IMHO) centers on Fumitsuki. Her panties are the first we get to see...somewhere in the second volume of the series.

(Just for the record, she's a senior in high school, and all the signs in the series point to her being 18 years old.)

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