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#1876: Haruhi fansub ep 1

Having read the book, I was emboldened enough to try watching the anime. I included ep 1 in the playlist.

...turns out December 1 was the last time I watched anime. Jesus. What the hell was I doing? Was I playing WoW that much?

Anyway, the fansub shows the episodes in broadcast order, and so the first ep was the one where we're seeing the movie the SOS Brigade made for the upcoming school festival. There were a couple of laugh-out-loud moments in the thing, too.

The funniest part for me was the scene with the fireworks. It was one of those "this is 100% how it would work in the real world" moments (a la).

..."written by Haruhi Suzmiya, directed by Haruhi Suzumiya, produced by Haruhi Suzumiya".... Haruhi is a person who does not know her own limits. "Know"? Doesn't care. Refuses to recognize--which is why the movie is utterly horrible. The book never comments on Haruhi's general intelligence, but this ep makes her look egregiously stupid.

As far as I could tell, the book was about Kyon, not really about Haruhi: Kyon was the person who had to deal with the consequences of Haruhi's existence. Haruhi was absent from about half the scenes in the book, if not more, and Kyon was always on stage dealing with the fallout of being ground zero for the H-bomb. Without Haruhi, there was no story, but the story was about Kyon, not Haruhi.

Even if I am wrong and Haruhi really is the focus of the story, it could not be told from Haruhi's viewpoint. Look: Sherlock Holmes is seen from Watson's viewpoint because Holmes is a demigod of intellect; it wouldn't make for an interesting story to hear Holmes talk about how he worked out the case. Looked at from Watson's viewpoint, though, there can be suspense and excitement (particularly since Holmes liked to be coy and withhold the answer until the very end).

Haruhi works the same way, albeit for a different reason: Haruhi is insane. She's got boundless confidence--confidence which seems ill-grounded in reality--and doesn't hesitate to do approximately whatever the hell she feels like doing. A story written from her viewpoint wouldn't work, because she doesn't see things the way ordinary people do. The computer club has several computers and the SOS Brigade needs one; therefore it's perfectly fine to entrap and blackmail the president of the computer club into giving their best machine to the SOS Brigade and making the computer club set up an ethernet connection in the SOS Brigade club room. (Of course it is not, but Haruhi has no trouble whatsoever with it. And her personality is so forceful, her lackeys in the SOS Brigade go along with it, for reasons which even they find mystifying. At least, Kyon does.)

The first ep was entertaining, and I expect the subsequent eps to continue the trend. So that's good.

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