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#1878: BakaBT


Trying to find ChuBra I went to Steven Den Beste's pusher of choice, and discovered an entire freakin' anime universe online.

I registered but I'm still waiting for the confirmation e-mail, so I've been looking over the stuff they make available to guests...and started up sixteen separate multi-gigabyte torrents. And I'm not done looking.

Like what?

Uchuu Senkan Yamato Season 3, of which I have only ever seen about two episodes. The entire series is one giganti-torrent.

Miss China's Ring was the only OVA I ever saw released from that series; here I found another one. Hot damn!

The complete Excel Saga. The complete You're Under Arrest! Full Throttle. The complete Big O, of which I've only seen half. The entirety of Mission E, of which I could only find 1-11 on other sites. Ditto for Spice and Wolf II.

...and a ton of OSTs. Cripes.

If I let it--if I don't throttle uTorrent--the thing will scream along at 600 kB/sec, the absolute upper limit of my download bandwidth. Of course I can't do anything else when uTorrent is hogging the pipe, but if I just shut the monitor off and go do something else while it downloads, it doesn't matter. I'm probably going to want to experiment and see how much bandwidth WoW wants; if I can make these things play nice, I'll be able to run the torrent client while I play WoW.

* * *

OH GIVE ME A FRICKIN' BREAK ALREADY. Those "full body" scanners break child pr0n laws?

* * *

Gee, what a surprise! SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD! How do you like that?

* * *

Bono is whining about recording industry losing profits. Bono has about 2/65ths of the wealth of the free world; what's he going to do with more money, build a fort out of it? "Look at me! I'm Bono! I've got so much goddamned money I stacked pallets of $100 bills to make a fort! (Actually I didn't do the stacking myself; I paid a mexican $3 per hour to do it for me.)"

*sigh* I really detest Bono.

* * *

A man who owned six clinics in Florida scammed the government for $55 million. Yes, government control of health care is going to lead to a reduction in fraud and waste, you betcha!

* * *

Obama himself is going to make a new world of safe air travel. Well, that's how the article makes it sound:
After the meeting, to which 20 officials were invited, Obama will talk to the public about his findings, as well as a series of new steps to improve the watch lists and thwart future terrorist attacks, the White House said.
That's right! Obama is going to tell us what he has learned.


* * *

It's freaking cold outside. Not just here; everywhere. They were hitting -30 in Iowa last week in still air so you know it's damn cold.

The Cthulhu ski mask would seem warranted.

And it's not just the United States; it's cold everywhere in the northern hemisphere. Whatever happened to global warming? (Oh, right--it's now "climate change" and the extra-cold temperatures are a result of human carbon emissions.)

"Worst winter in 25 years" is completely consistent with warming due to human activity. Sure.

* * *

Victor Davis Hanson gets one thing wrong in this piece about Obama's rose-colored glasses--just one: the deficits of the 1980s didn't come from Ronald Reagan. They came from Congress. The taxation changes of "Reaganomics" led to the largest expansion of federal income in US history; but the Democrat-controlled Congress spent $1.50 for each new dollar of income.

Otherwise, this piece is spot-on.

* * *

You know, it's not much warmer today than it has been for the past several, yet I'm sitting here without slippers or sweater and I'm hot. Reason: the farm breakfast I just ate.

When the temps were in single digits around here, I was wearing a knit cap to keep warm, in addition to my usual regalia (sweatpants, socks, slippers, t-shirt, hoodie) and I was still chilly. Despite the vinyl siding, despite the new furnace, my room is still the coldest one in the house.

Now that temperatures are more reasonable, now I'm too warm. *sigh*

I've been suffering from some weird digetive malady--as usual--and today marks the first time in more than a week that I've had a serious appetite. Normally my digestive tract's malfunctions are downstream of the stomach, but not this time; I had a diminished appetite and frequently would eat a little and then not want any more food. Half the time I'd feel nauseated.

But this morning, I woke up hungry, and immediately decided I was going to have bacon and eggs and ham and fried potatos...and I did, and thinking about it makes me feel a little queasy because I'm full, and want no more food.

...for the moment.

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