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#1884: This moron is on crack.

This turkey says profiling is ineffective because it misses potential terror threats.

Let me see, now...of the terror attacks and attempted attacks which have occurred on US soil, how many of them were perpetrated by muslims? Let me see: World Trade Center 1993, muslims. Oklahoma City bombing, Tim McVeigh et al. World Trade Center 2001, muslims. Knickerbomber, muslim. 75% of them were muslims.

If you look at terrorist attacks in other countries, you find that the vast bulk of terrorist activities are carried out by muslims. Period. Whenever you hear a story on the news about some terrorist atrocity taking place, nearly all the time the culprits are muslims.

The douchebag argues that profiling "...ignores the possibility that someone who does not fit the profile may be engaged in terrorism." Well, how often does that happen? How often have we seen non-islamic terrorists trying to take down an airplane? How many non-muslim suicide bombers have there been in the past 20 years?

I can think of one non-muslim terror attack--Oklahoma City. is true there are terror groups in the United States--a certain group of eco-psychos comes to mind--but those guys aren't going to take down an airplane or fly one into a building; their idiom is about scaring animal researchers out of business and there is not much animal research done aboard commercial aircraft. (Snakes on a Plane notwithstanding.)

Point being, generally speaking, the eco-psychos aren't trying to kill hundreds of people at a time in order to make their point. Muslim terrorists are.

Ann Coulter frequently makes the point, "Not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims." It's not 100% accurate, but it's pretty close to the mark; and that's why profiling works.

No matter how much a liberal may wish it didn't.

* * *

Marxist revolutionaries regret throwing off colonialism in the 1960s.

* * *

...and the cycle repeats itself.

If you look at the reportage of climate news in history, you see an interesting pattern: for a while the papers are screaming about global warming; then after a decade or so they begin to shriek about the onset of a new ice age.

We've been hearing an endless drone about "global warming" since the late 1980s; now the balances have tipped and we're back to dire predictions of global cooling.

Meanwhile, of course, the Earth's climate has blithely hummed along at about the same temperature all along. While the doomsayers flip-flopped every two decades or so during the 20th century, the Earth's climate actually remained pretty steady, its temperature rising not more than about 0.6°. (And probably less.)

Take it from me: the Earth's climate changes. It has always changed. It will change right up until the day it's swallowed up by the sun as the sun enters its red giant phase. There is nothing we can do about it.

Historically speaking, regardless of media hysteria about the sky falling, it has not fallen. There would have to be a major event to cause enough cooling to prompt an ice age--something really big, I mean, larger than the eruption of Tambora which caused the "year without a summer".

(Volcanic Explosivity Index. Interesting.)

Can we just stop this nonsense of worrying about climate change? There are so many other things we could worry about instead which actually make sense to worry about....

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