atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1885: The current anime playlist.

Here it is:
Telepathy Girl Ran
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Star Blazers Comet Empire
Excel Saga
Mission E
Spice and Wolf II
In all its glory. Such as it is.

The second season of SB is almost done. Now that I have the third season, it'll just fold right on over into that, so I'm good.

Excel Saga is encoded in an annoying fashion; the subtitles don't default to "on" and they're named approximately at random, such that I have to try various settings to get subtitles with each episode. ("Is it this one? No. How about this one? There we go.") *sigh* But it's hilarious, so I'll just put up with the subtitle nonsense. I've only ever seen eps 1-3 before, and I'm running through them since it's been a while. (How many times did Excel die in the first ep? Five?) As I recall, this is the series which nearly cost an American (Canadian?) voice actress her voice because Excel speaks so quickly....

Kanamemo is censored, of course. This interferes with me enjoying Haruka's bounteous bosoms.

There's quite a lot of Revolutionary Girl Utena left. I miss the salad days of the bubble economy years, when anime series could and would run for multiple seasons.

Mission E--Chinami is still appropriately girly, but she now has some steel in her. In one episode she out-bluffs a gunman by threatening to melt his partner's brain--and since everyone involved knows she's a Type E, they all knew she could do it if she wanted to. It was awesome.

It's also neat to see her using a cell phone--but of course she's had plenty of time to learn to control her power.

Her partner--Maori--is really cute, too. I like her.


Eight 24-minute eps is 3 hours and 12 minutes of anime--though I usually skip the end credits, which doesn't save me all that much time. (Maybe ten minutes, all told.) That's why I generally don't have more than five or six series running at a time--a session just ends up taking too damn long. Eight is a bit much.

But I just watched ep 7 of Haruhi, and the three titles before it are 13-ep series, so this isn't going to last very long. Then I'll pick some full-season series (maybe You're Under Arrest!) to fill the gap, and I'll be at about two hours per session again.

I've been wanting to get all the Tenchi Muyo! eps, though--since I have them on laserdisk and have no laserdisk player at the moment, I haven't seen them for quite a while. Ditto for the El Hazard TV series.

If BakaBT ever gets around to confirming my user account--I'm still waiting, and I'm guessing that Sailor V is also still waiting for his--I can hopefully just torrent the damn things. We'll see.

Unfortunately I have to say that TheHylia--the $20 for six months of unlimited downloads service I touted a few months ago--is not really all that great. I've found too many wrong episodes; and they never get fixed even though I report them.

Example: the Saki ep I reported as bad two months ago is still wonked up.

I don't know what the deal is, but it's annoying to sit down to watch anime and discover that the thing which was supposed to be the latest ep of a series you're really enjoying is in fact a random episode from a series which you've never heard of, in a genre that you don't give a rat's ass for.

It wouldn't bother me so much if I hadn't had to pay for the damn service.

Next I suppose I'll give CrunchyRoll a try. That ought to be interesting.

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