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#1888: Yamato season 2 over

Yesterday, I watched 2 eps of everything on the playlist, except for Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2. I slammed the last five eps, back to back.

USY may be cheesy, have outdated character designs (bell bottoms on the uniforms? Really?), play fast and loose with the science--but damn, when it gets down to the last handful of episodes I can't make myself wait to see how it turns out and I end up watching a whole slew of them. I did it with the first series, and I did it with the second one.

We'll see how I do with the third one.

* * *

The prior post ended with "Ha! Posting from the middle of a power failure!" because the power went off while I was in the midst of trying to find a good way to end the thing. Thanks to the UPS which now supports the modem and router, I was able to post the entry even though the mains were down.

They didn't stay down long, though--not even five minutes--but it was still awesome.

* * *

I'm going to have to obtain Haruhi season 2. I have some eps of the series; I'll have to get the rest of them.

I am really enjoying the first season of the show, which is nice; I had worried that I would hate it, the same way I've disliked just about every other major anime phenomenon. But Haruhi has something which, say, an Evangelion lacks: a storyline that doesn't rely on pain, suffering, violence, and incomprehensible story resolutions. Haruhi is fun, and that is what makes me like any entertainment medium. I'm not watching anime to be "challenged"; I'm watching it for fun, and if it's not fun, fuck it: it's not worth my time.

Even though I didn't like the writing in the first Haruhi book I expect I'll buy the second one, too.

Mom read the first book and liked it. Don't count on her wanting to watch the anime, though.

* * *

For a few days at least we're going to be seeing warmer temperatures here. I heard Tom Skilling predict highs near the 50s sometime in the next week. That will probably be a good day to wash the bird poop off my truck.

The damn birds eat the bird food Mom puts out, then they hang out in the tree over the driveway and crap on my Jeep. WTF. Go roost somewhere else and crap on something that likes fertilizer, you annoying birds! We've got five other trees, all of which have nothing but grass under them; why don't you go sit in one of them?

(They do it on purpose. I know they do.)

* * *

I was wrong: I think I saw the first five eps of Excel Saga before downloading the torrent, because ep 4 was the "dating sim" ep and #5 was the "corruption in city hall" episode. Both of which I have seen before. (Tag line for ep 4: "Put it in.")

I've been feeling like the show should be called Nabeshin Saga because he has almost as much screen time as Excel does. I mean, I don't mind the guy inserting himself into the show, and I don't mind him making his character into some kind of international super-spy-type guy, but WTF, dude: you may have the original artist's permission to take insane liberties with the story, but that doesn't mean the fans want to see your ego on parade. *sigh*

Anyway, given my druthers, the show would be Hyatt Saga because Hyatt is teh awsome.

...but it's really entertaining, even so, and it's got me wondering what the original manga looks like.

* * *

Still nothing from BakaBT.

* * *

Since it's Tuesday, and there is nothing on worth watching, I'm going to watch anime again tonight. Heh.

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