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#1890: This just in: Endor doesn't exist, either.

Every once in a while, something comes along which leads me to think that I am not, after all, quite so pathetic a fanboy as I usually think I am.

This headline is enough: "Avatar fans suicidal because planet Pandora is not real."


"Fans of the film have flooded the internet to express their distress at realising they will never be able to visit the utopian planet."



I just don't know what to say.

* * *

Wal-mart is within its rights. If you're working as a greeter, you're not supposed to fight shoplifters; that's AP's job. ("Assets Protection", not "Associated Press".)

The story starts with a guy shoplifting something. The greeter ran out, got the license plate number, and wrote it on his clipboard; the shoplifter got out of his car and tore the clipboard from the greeter's hands.

The greeter then tried to get the clipboard back, and that is why Wal-mart fired him: the balance of the conflict (including the trading of blows) occurred because the greeter didn't simply let the clipboard go and write the license plate number on his hand.

It's hard to think in the middle of a situation like that, of course. But Wal-mart can't have employees going around hitting people, even if the people are stealing stuff: it opens them up to huge liability lawsuits. That's why they had to fire the guy.

I think a final warning would be more appropriate there, but WTF, I'm not running the damn place.

* * *

Apparently a reporter got shoved by a Coakley staffer, and he fell down.

The staffer admits he was being "too aggressive", and has apologized.

This has not stopped Democrats from calling a tape of the event a "Republican dirty trick".

That's right: it is now a "Republican dirty trick" to show people video of Democrats behaving badly.

* * *

Brian Dunbar links three articles on how Obama and the Democrats intend to raise taxes and get their hands on your money.

* * *

Japan is in trouble. "...[M]aybe we should all be concerned that Japan is in the hyperinflationary range."
Mr Grice said Japan was able to pull off this feat only because its captive saving pool was large enough to cover the short-fall, and because the Japanese people continued to be reassured by the conjurer’s illusion that all was well. This cannot continue.
The Japanese are very, very good at not seeing the elephant in the room if noting its presence would be impolite. The Japanese themselves may not be reassured all is well, but as long as it's rude to notice the pachyderm creasing the tatami, they'll for damn sure pretend everything is hunky dory.

Point it out to them, and they'll say, "Soo desu ka?" with surprise, so convincingly that you could believe they actually hadn't noticed that half of the volume of the room had been occupied by elephant. But you're a fool if you think they don't know what's going on just because they're acting as if they don't know.

The fact is, most Japanese can't do a damn thing about it, and they know it. Let me ask you: what can you do about Obama's record deficits? Can you do anything by yourself which will solve the problem? Do you think you could form or join a group which could successfully reverse Obama's policies right now?

Of course not. The only thing we can do is wait for the elections in November. And at that, even an unprecedented rout of Democrats still would not fix the problems we have with government taxation, spending, and deficits.

December 2009 was the worst month for unemployment since the 1930s.

I would ask why we're not getting this kind of economic analysis of the current recession from American papers, but I don't really need to; we all know the answer, don't we?


* * *

In order to deal with this situation, MC Sleepy wants more taxes. Oh, I'm sorry, it's not a "tax". It's a "fee". Excuse me!

Let me quote the libretto of Jesus Christ Superstar:
Caiaphas: This isn't blood money, it's...

Annas: A fee.

Caiaphas: A fee, nothing more.

Judas: On Thursday night, you'll find Him where you want Him: far from the crowds....
Weasel words from a weasel. The weasel in chief.

So add that to my list of nicknames for Dear Leader:

1) Boss Tweek
2) MC Sleepy
3) the weasel in chief

* * *

David Morgan-Mar is right about this: astronomers have an odd notion about what is "accurate". Eleven orders of magnitude? Pfft.

Remember, if you try to get dark energy from quantum physics, you end up with a force which is 10120 too strong. Eleven orders of magnitude is nothing compared to that.

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