atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1896: Gunbunnysmit Jenkins

...I was part of a group that got the "Leeeeeroy!" achievement today. And so Gunbunnysmit now has the title "Jenkins". Wheee.

I also did some work on power-leveling my first aid skill. I could only make heavy silk bandages; so I went into Scarlet Monsatary and killed a bunch of Scarlet dorks until I had a ton of silk, and made heavy silk bandages until I could finally train to make mageweave bandages.

Wouldn't you know it, I ran out of mageweave needing three points to learn to make runecloth bandages.

*sigh* I had to go farm mageweave until I finally got those last three points; and now Gunbunnysmit can make heavy runecloth bandages. In fact, her first aid skill is at 300 because I haven't gone to get any higher first aid training yet. But in my bank tab I've got a netherweave bag (16 slots) full of runecloth, so I'm not going to run out of that anytime soon. Once I'm comfortably past needing runecloth for bandages I'll be shipping all of the remainder to Scythandra.

I also power-leveled engineering again. Engineering is over 300, and I was able to build a gyrocopter flying mount. ("You have added the pet Flying Machine to your collection." Heh.)

Gunbunnysmit is 61st level and I'm thinking of clearing the quest log and moving exclusively to Outland for further leveling. We'll see what I do, but that'll mean faster leveling than if I stay in Azeroth.

Speaking of Scythandra: I really have to go do some more work on her. Her enchanting skill is still pretty far down from where it ought to be; ditto for her tailoring. That's the problem with the death knight: since you start at level 55, if you want to level your professions, you have to go back and run through all the areas where the raw materials are found.

If I had it to do over, I don't think I'd make her a tailor/enchanter. Maybe something else, like herbalism/alchemy or something--something that's less dependent on random chance getting you what you need, and something for which the outcome is predictable.

An enchanter dis-enchants magic items (green or better) to get the materials needed to enchant other items. This destroys the item being disenchanted, of course, and the material you get is dependent on the item level and random chance. For example, a low-level item (requiring the base level of 50 in enchanting to disenchant) might give you a couple portions of "strange dust", and a higher level item might give you a "lesser astral essence" or two. You'll always get something useful from disenchanting an item, but there's no way to tell what you'll get before you do it--and there's no easy way to see what level of materials come from what level items, either.

So a character who started out at 1st level and has been slowly building his enchanting skill over time will have a stockpile of materials; but someone starting at level 55 has to go farm those materials in (to him) low-level dungeons.

Scythandra is stalled where she is because I can't get the materials I need to level her enchanting skill. *sigh*

Tailoring is a bit simpler: you get cloth, you use it to make stuff. For a DK, all the cloth up to runecloth is easy-peasy to farm, as you go places that are beneath your ability and slaughter everything in sight.

Apparently when the Cataclysm expansion comes out there'll be another profession: archaeology. I can't wait to see what that's all about.

* * * I'm going to watch some anime.

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