atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1898: I am hearing tell that Ms. Coakley has conceded. (Post-election semi-liveblog)

8:40 PM



As I write this I have Fox News on and I haven't heard word one about a concession speech.

Okay: Now Hannity has just reported that Coakley called Brown and conceded. But she hasn't given the speech yet, and in 2000 Al Gore was all set to concede and then changed his mind...and we got the election fiasco of 2000 out of it.

8:47 PM

Hannity is talking about the campaign in past tense, as if Brown has indeed won it.

8:52 PM

There's Lurch on stage. (Lurch=John Kerry.) Guess the speechifying is about to begin.

8:56 PM

Hannity reports that Harry Reid has stated that Brown will be seated when the paperwork has been filed correctly.

Oh, there's Coakley, and she's speaking.

9:01 PM

It's a real concession speech.

Awesome: Scott Brown actually won.

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