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I am utterly astounded that Scott Brown won.

But it proves something: whenever a Republican runs to the right, he wins elections. Brown's campaign ran right, and he won by such a margin that it was beyond "the margin of cheat". There's no way his lead of more than 110,000 votes can be "Frankenized" out of existence.

Boortz says, "Now that the Democrats have lost their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate Slobbering Barney thinks it's time to change the Senate rules and end the filibuster." Barney Frank is a Representative; he has no say in what parliamentary rules the Senate uses.

The Anchoress on Massachusetts:

Voter fraud in Massachusetts.
This is STUNNING: From Martha Coakley’s campaign, and dated YESTERDAY. Yes, YESTERDAY! [She posted this Tuesday, so she means that Coakley's campaign posted this nonsense on Monday.]

Campaign Manager Kevin Conroy:

We’ve received several independent and disturbing reports of voters across the state being handed ballots that are already marked in favor of Scott Brown. This is obviously a serious violation, and our legal team is taking immediate steps to protect the integrity of this election.

Honesty. Ethics. Holy. Moly. Even her cheating is incompetent.
"Brown's Win and Obama's Iraq."

And I link this one because of the hilarious Hitler video embedded in it: LOL at Hitler.

Aaron at Eternity Road on what the Massachusetts election means.

Michelle Malkin includes a picture of a thermonuclear explosion with this post on the Massachusetts election.

Dennis says, "This is about bad legislation that voters do not want."

Pigs flying, says the Munchkin Wrangler.

Victor Davis Hanson on "why".


Charges of ballot fraud.

I'm listening to Limbaugh as I write this, which is why I'm not able to present much cogent commentary on these links.

* * *

It's so bad for lefties that even Al Gore is feeling the pinch: Al Gore "misspoke" on arctic ice.

* * *

Space news:

Big surprise: Earth causes tidal stresses in asteroids which result in asteroid-quakes. "A new study" was required to figure this out. Jesus. I could have told them that, if they had asked me; it's fricking obvious.

"But when asteroids approach the Earth, our planet's gravity may induce small quakes...." No; that's wrong. It's tidal stress.

When a solid body orbits another, it has a certain orbital period dependent on its speed and distance from the orbited body. Whatever that speed and distance may be, it is really only correct for the center of gravity of the orbiting body. Points on the orbiting body closer to the orbited body are moving too slowly to remain in orbit; if you seperated that closer point, it would fall towards the orbited body.

Points on the orbiting body farther out from the center of gravity are moving too quickly to remain in orbit. Again, if seperated from the main body, this part would fall away from the center of mass of the orbiting body.

So what happens? The orbiting body is subjected to stresses which tend to stretch it:

(-0-) tries to become (--0--)

That's why we have ocean tides: the Moon pulls on Earth. Tides are Earth's oceans responding to the tidal forces impressed on Earth by the Moon.

Tides are also why the Moon will eventually drift away from the Earth: the Earth's tidal bulges pull on the Moon, and since the Earth rotates much more quickly than the Moon revolves around the Earth--and the elasticity of the Earth is nonzero--the tidal bulge actually leads the Moon by an infinitesimal amount. This infinitesimal amount of lead pulls on the Moon, accelerating it by some tiny little amount, constantly. A year's worth of this pull doesn't amount to the force you exert on your chair, but it has been happening the entire time the Earth-moon system has existed, and will continue to happen for billions of years.

Over that much time, even a tiny force will mean a big change in the Moon's orbital velocity.

Tides. C'mon, guys!

We are getting closer to private space stations becoming a reality. This is awesome.

* * *

This is NSFW because it contains references to sex acts. That's why I'm not embedding the FAIL pic, unlike the following:

engrish funny god burger

It's obviously in Japan: the name of the place is written in katakana (Goddo Baagaa).

If I ever go to Japan and see God Burger, I'll go try it and let you know how good it is. Don't hold your breath.

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