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#1902: Runaway Toyotas

Moving the floor mats isn't enough.
In the most tragic incident, on the day after Christmas, four people died in Southlake, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, when a 2008 Toyota sped off the road, through a fence and landed upside down in a pond. The car's floor mats were found in the trunk of the car, where owners had been advised to put them as part of the recall.

"There's one thing that didn't cause the accident," said Southlake police spokesman Lt. Ben Brown.
So what's causing it?

Apparently it has something to do with the accelerator hardware and associated electronics.

* * *

I didn't give a rat's ass about this issue until just now. I'm the last person in the US to know that Conan O'Brien is leaving The Tonight Show and Jay Leno is coming back.


I never thought Conan O'Brien was all that entertaining. Then again, I fail to find about 99% of all entertainers and television in general entertaining, so that's not terribly surprising. I even get sick of the entertaining ones. (I stopped watching Craig Fergusen in July; I had my fill of his schtick.)

I don't care about celebrity news, which is why I'm only now learning that O'Brien is leaving NBC.

The only interesting point about this entire imbroglio is that NBC is giving up on O'Brien so soon after putting him in as Leno's replacement.

* * *

...Hugo Chavez says that the Haiti earthquake was caused by the US. Apparently the US military was testing an earthquake weapon which we intend to use against Iran.

Yeah, that's right; forget all those other weapons of mass destruction that we've got, like thermonuclear bombs.


* * *

And that's all there is.

I played WoW yesterday, and didn't watch anything.

New ep of Smallville tonight.

Wednesday night I was part of a group which took on Blackwing Lair (BWL), which is a 40-man instance; and I died a lot. For all of that we finally managed to get through the first room, only to have enough people die or drop out that we couldn't take the second room.

During a foray into upper Blackrock spire (UBS), Gunbunnysmit got the mark of so-and-so--I can never remember the jerk's name--which allows direct access to the BWL instance. You go to the controlling orb and put your hand on it, and you're teleported to the instance.

The first room is made of nasty. Once the shooting starts, it does not stop; there's a continuous stream of elite bad guys coming from spawn points around the circumference of the room. One player must channel a dragon via a control orb, and destroy all the dragon eggs; the dragon must be protected from harm while this is going on, because if the dragon is killed before the eggs are all gone, the dragon explodes, killing everyone in the room.

The stream of spawns doesn't stop until the eggs are destroyed. And once all that's done, you still have to contend with the dragon, which regenerates to full health as soon as you release him.


Against all odds, our group of eight--half of which were 80s--managed to clear that room. Unfortunately several of the group members didn't have the mark of what's-his-face, and so they had to slog through UBS to get to BWL. And there's a bug with one room in UBS: if you kill the boss too quickly, you get stuck in the room; and you have to hearth out of the instance and start over.

Because I had the mark, I spent long periods waiting at the entrance to BWL for the non-marked folks to hack their way through UBS to the BWL portal. *sigh* And the non-marked folks got tired of the slog, and gave up.

Anyway, tonight we're supposed to give it another try. The instance is locked, so we have several days where we won't have to deal with that first room again. That helps.

I really hope we manage better this time than last.

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