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#1903: I cleaned the Jeep!

On the way home from the drugstore I stopped at the gas station to tank up; and realizing that it was near 40 today I decided now was the time to wash the Jeep.

$6 worth of quarters later, the Jeep is a hell of a lot cleaner than it's been in more than a year and a half.

The sticky cruddy sap-dirt shell--I thought I was going to have to use sandpaper to get it off. Jesus. But: take it to the car wash, apply presoak, then use the "foaming brush" on it. Then switch to high-pressure soapy water; once you've sprayed every square inch of body from about 2" distance, you can use the high-pressure rinse to get the residue.

Result: clean truck.

It's not going to last, of course. Birds, for one thing. Middle of winter, for another. But at least it gets the hardened layer off--completely--and come spring I can repeat the process and then throw on a good layer of wax.

I still need to scrub the gunk out of the door jambs--this crap went everywhere--but I'm not about to do that in the middle of winter. And with the elm tree gone, hopefully there won't be any more sap dripping onto the truck.

* * *

The Anchoress asks, "What Does Obama Like About America?" And she says, "We need a president who...well...actually...we need a president." [Emphasis hers.]

* * *

Colonel Bunny links to a piece by "Anonymous Anchorman" who talks about advocacy journalism.

* * *

The raid on Blackwing Lair didn't happen last night. I hooked up with a group of folks who were going to do Molten Core, but it was a complete "Charlie Foxtrot" and I quit the group in disgust. Besides, it was getting on towards seven, and Smallville was going to be a new ep!; no it wasn't. Why?

Because every goddamned network in the world was showing a stupid benefit for Haiti.

Not every network, actually; no. No, just any network which might have been showing any program that I might have been even remotely interested in.

I get that Haiti is a horrible disaster. I get that the people there are dirt poor and can't do anything to help themselves. I get it.

But do we really need to run the same program on half the damn TV channels in the world? Let one or two of 'em show the thing--that way the people who want to see something else (such as, I don't know, a TV show that left off with a cliffhanger in early December) have a choice.

No, no no no! It's not about "choice"! It's about you, Rich American, being made to feel guilty because there is poverty and misery in the world!

I'm fricking tired of that nonsense.

It is not my fault that Haiti is dirt poor. It is not my fault they got hit with an earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people. It is not my fault that it's taking the Obama administration longer to get aid to them than it took George Bush to get aid to New Orleans after Katrina. It is not my fault that there is poverty and misery in the world.

But, you ask, don't you care about those people?

I do--I feel sorry as hell for them--but my feelings won't fix the problems they've got, and giving up my TV show so a bunch of rich American liberals can tell me how guilty I should feel about it all is definitely not going to do jack shit about anything those people are facing.

Hyperbolic Chamber on looters in Haiti. This is enough to convince me that I should have been able to watch Smallville last night.

Yeah, I'm a heartless bastard. F it.

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