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#1904: Well, it's a way to hold their attention, I suppose.

Explicit sex talk given to girls aged 11 through 15.

Sex education should consist of the mechanics of reproduction, the risks and symptoms of venerial diseases, and ways to protect against pregnancy. It should include abstinence as a viable form of birth and disease control.

It should not consist of "how to".

* * *

Liberals, of course, will read the above discussion and tell me, "But abstinence-only sex education doesn't work!"

Because, yeah, saying "It should include abstinence..." means "abstinence-only". If you're a screeching moron with no reading comprehension.

* * *

Canada's death panels condemn baby to die.

The article doesn't say where the baby was born, only that it was taken to a certain hospital by helicopter after birth.

...I don't know. It does not sound as if this baby is going to live well even if it does manage to do more than open its eyes once in a while; perhaps taking it off life support is the right thing to do.

What I do know, however, is that the decision should be up to the parents, not some group of faceless bureaucrats.

* * *

It's not hard to eclipse a brown dwarf. (Kerry's a tall white guy so the comparison is not racist.)

In the vast Hertzsprung-Russel diagram of American politics, John Kerry is a "sub-s" category star. He's nowhere near the main sequence; he's an also-ran. The same way Teddy Kennedy had no trouble eclipsing him--let's face it; Teddy Kennedy was so fat he could eclipse Sirius from a close orbit around that star--so then does the newest darling of the Massachusetts electorate have no trouble whatsoever eclipsing John "I voted for it before I voted against it" Kerry.

Damn, making fun of these guys is too easy.

* * *

Another scaremongering study about heart disease and Alzheimer's which is probably a load of BS.

Think about it: how much copper do you think leaches into the water you drink? How much do copper pipes erode over 20, 30, 40 years? Is the erosion measurable? How much copper is there in the water these people are drinking, and how does that compare to the body's requirements for copper?

The article mentions none of this. Instead, it's a big scare piece, right up front:
Scientists have claimed people should remove old copper pipes from their homes or install special filters because the metal has been shown to build up in their bodies and cause serious health problems.
That's right: forget diet and exercise, because you've got to rip out all the copper plumbing from your house right now or face heart disease and Alzheimers!

What a crock.

* * *

Dennis the Peasant is always a fun source of schadenfreude. "Lefty Poli Sci Perfesser David Michael Green takes time out from polishing his bust of Karl Marx to throw a 'I'm so disappointed in Obama' hissy fit."

It's true, you know. We were told repeatedly how Sarah Palin wasn't experienced enough to be vice-President. WTF is up with that, BTW? The VP has had to take over presidential duties temporarily a handful of times in the last 40 years; otherwise the VP has had nothing to do except for the usual ceremonial stuff.

One exception: Nixon resigning, leaving Ford as President. That's it since 1970. Before that, Johnson had to take over after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

Bush was President a couple of times during Reagan's tenure, briefly, while Reagan was undergoing surgery.

...I have gotten off-topic.

We were told repeatedly that Sarah Palin had no experience; yet Sarah Palin had more executive experience than McCain, Obama, and Biden combined. Obama's lack of experience or a record was a selling point for some people.

Now, suddenly, the people who voted for Obama are realizing that the guy they voted for is not the guy they thought they were voting for. Dennis correctly states that there was a whole lot of projectin' goin' on out there.
At the time of his election to the presidency, Barack Obama had no meaningful experience or accomplishments in the field of politics. You knew nothing of his character or his capacity to lead. You didn't care. He looked the part and said the right things. Your imagination did the rest. Now that Obama is faced with real life, and his lack of experience and defects of character have been exposed in the most painful manner imaginable, you find yourself professing shock...
The people who voted for Obama, contends Dennis, got what they wanted.

Only what they wanted turned out, in fact, not to be what they wanted. Nothing like knowing your own mind, I always sez.

* * *

I was originally going to spend my afternoon going to Best Buy and checking out DVD recorders; but now I think I'm just going to take a nap. *sigh*

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