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#1906: Took the plunge, only about a year late.

I finally got around to ordering a new DVD recorder.

Longtime readers of the Fungus will recall my trials and tribulations with the Lite-On DVD recorder, model #LVW-5005. As DVD recorders go, it's really capable: not only does it record DVDs but it'll also record VCDs. It's really cool.

Problem: the DVD drive died; it wouldn't even recognize when a regular DVD was put in the drive, much less a DVD-R. It could burn VCDs all day long.

It uses a DVD+/-R/RW/CDR/RW/WTF drive out of a computer--a specific Lite-On model number I don't have handy--so I ordered a couple drives from someone. The drives I got didn't fit, but I was able to take the Lite-On DVD+/-R/RW/CDR/RW/WTF drive from my computer, replace it with one of the drives I'd ordered, and then put all the guts from the computer drive into the casing from the recorder drive. that?

Anyway, it worked. For several months--and then it died again, the exact same way. That was 2008; and after Christmas of 2009 I was planning to buy a new DVD recorder--but I never got around to it. My Christmas money got spent on other things and that was it for that.

This year, I decided I was going to spend my Christmas money on something rather than piss it away; well, fortunately Best Buy had this DVD recorder for a paltry $120. It does everything I need a DVD recorder to do, so F it.

$135 with shipping.

I'm going to retain the Lite-On recorder on the off chance that I decide to swap a new drive into it. Besides, I have some unfinalized disks which will need finalizing, and when I finally get around to that, I'll need this machine to do it. (It'll be half-assed with the drive hanging out, but it will only be a temporary thing anyway.)

And I can finally get after the great big gigantic "convert all the LDs to DVD" project that's only been stalled for-just-about-ever.

I considered this Panasonic unit but ultimately decided I didn't need the extra features.

* * *

I'm thinking about getting a GPS for the truck. Best Buy's got 'em on sale this week. If I could use the thing as a regular GPS--not just a street navigation aid--I think I'd be 100% sold on the idea.

But WTF.

I've got $50 I found in a Christmas card from last year: I had deposited a check but someone--I forget who--gave me $50 cash and it was still in the Christmas card I got from my Mom in 2009. While cleaning my desk a couple months ago, I found it; and since it's Christmas money, I want to spend it on something nifty. A GPS would be nifty. Heh.

* * *

I keep thinking about the Escort, and I thought, "What if I got the fuel filter in upside down?" That shouldn't be possible, but nothing would cause a fuel pressure problem like having the damn filter in backwards. It's another thing for me to check.

But I keep thinking about the vacuum lines. They're pretty old, and they were not looking to be in the best of health; a vacuum leak would lean out the fuel-air mix and cause the exact kind of symptoms I'm seeing. (The computer wouldn't know about it, because the vacuum leak takes place upstream of the mass airflow sensor.) So that's another thing to consider.

The third thing to consider is the mystery hose. There's that one vacuum hose which I cannot find a connector for; I remember unhooking it but not where I unhooked it from, and I didn't label it--and I would only do that if the connection were obvious.

Well, it is not obvious, and God alone knows WTF that thing connects to. *sigh* Moral: even if you think it's obvious where something goes, label it.

But it can't be anything critical since the computer doesn't throw a code. (Can it?)

So right there are three non-electrical things for me to check.

...but part of me wants to pull the intake manifold first and swap in the manifold from the other engine. Just yank it all out and put the other one in, and see what happens.

Regardless, I'm not planning to touch the thing until it's warmer outside--above 45°--because it's a whole lot of no fun to work on a car when it's freezing.

Oh well.

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