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#1908: Endless Eight, ep 2

I called it!!!

All comments about this episode are hidden, because it's chock-full of spoilers and Haruhi II is recent enough that there are plenty of folks who haven't seen it. Those who don't care, read on.

When Asahina lost her ability to communicate with the future, Kyon is summoned to the usual park by Koizumi, Nagato, and Asahina. They discuss what's been going on. I said to myself, "And there's no telling how many times they've repeated it. It could have been a thousand years."

Then Nagato tells the SOS Brigade (minus Haruhi, of course) that they've had "this conversation" 15,498 times. Being a peripheral of the Overmind, Nagato would of course be able to tell what's happened.

I ran the numbers. It's a 20-day period, August 11-31; 15,497 complete repetitions means that's 309,940 days.

Which comes to 849 years.

Kyon says "two weeks" and "594 years" but it really isn't two weeks; it's twenty days--so the more correct number would be 849 years.

Either way--Jesus. Nine hundred years.

The plot device is similar to that of Groundhog Day and that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where the Enterprise keeps repeating the same day over and over again.

In GD, Bill Murray lost count of how many times he'd replayed the same day, but it had clearly been a very long time; and he remembered each repetition. His own personal time scale was prolonged by an unspecified number of days; no one else noticed.

In ST:TNG everyone's memory was reset but the external universe continued on its merry way, and it turned out that the Enterprise had been stuck in the loop for weeks.

In "Endless Eight", the entire Earth is being reset as soon as the clock strikes midnight on September 1.

For nine hundred years.

(That means that 900 years pass between ep 2 and ep 3 of the series, by the way.)

Koizumi theorizes that Haruhi wants to do something--and suggests that Kyon glomp her and tell her he loves her, which makes perfect sense to me--but Kyon vetoes that plan.

For me, being outside the story, the solution seems obvious; Haruhi wants a "memorable summer experience" of one sort or another, and Koizumi's suggestion is in the ballpark. I'm probably wrong.

None of this negates my contention that Haruhi is the first member of a race of trans-human energy beings. Nagato's ability to remember every last weary day of the last 900 years confirms that the Earth is being reset, but probably not the rest of the universe. Nagato is just a peripheral of the Overmind; if the entire universe were being reset, the Overmind wouldn't remember the passage of time either. (I'm reasonably confident of this.)

Even so, a reset on that scale still requires an incredible amount of power, and she's doing it subconsciously--that's freakin' scary.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out, of course, but I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, I ended up watching two of everything on the playlist today, except for Telepathy Shoujo Ran, which ended. I did so because the 2nd ep of Haruhi II was the first ep of "Endless Eight", and I wanted to see what the shouting was about.

So far it seems fun to me. I'm looking forward to seeing more, and only my willpower is keeping me from watching it all at one sitting.

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