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#191: *yawn*

I went to bed at 11 AM on Sunday, slept until 5 when I got up long enough to eat dinner and watch some TV from the comfort of my bed; and then I went to sleep around 10-ish and slept until 3 AM. But I wasn't tired or anything.

USA was showing a Monk marathon. I saw four episodes in a row that I hadn't seen before and enjoyed them. Well, the second one was extremely predictable--the Monk franchise is getting a bit long in the tooth and I not only spotted the diversions but also predicted how entire scenes would end up--but the other three were fairly entertaining.

The scenes they insert wherein Monk has to deal with something which messes with his phobias seem to run about 2 to 1 "not-funny"--for every such scene which is funny, there are two which are just painful.

* * *

No Sweetheart Deal Here

It's okay to be a child pornographer as long as you're a Democrat!

I think that link text is enough commentary.

* * *



Scarlett Johanssen brags that she's socially aware because she gets an HIV test twice per year.

"Socially aware", maybe. Sentient? No.

Here's an idea: Stop having casual sex, get married, and stay with that ONE PERSON for the rest of your life; and you won't need all those HIV tests.

Suddenly, "old-fashioned morals" seem to make some kind of sense, don't they? But that way you don't get to run around and have sex with every person who catches your eye.

Everyone knows that morals are old-fashioned and ridiculous rules which are only designed to keep you from having fun. They're not the accumulated wisdom of the ages; they're just the result of old fogies who forgot they were young once telling you how to live your life, and that's just not fair.


Since I last reported on the progress of Megumi's Diary I have completed exactly one (1) layout page. *sigh*. Page 2-18 shows the morning after Megumi's river-side conversation with Hiroaki (the one which contains that nifty side view) and takes place the following day.

It looks like chapter 2 will be a bit longer than 20 pages, which is my target length for chapters in that series. That's okay, though.


In a few days I expect to get Mahoromatic (the first half) and Gravion, as well as the (first?) OVA disk of Stratos 4. More on them when I've had a chance to see them.

Mahoromatic is where Steven Den Beste got the name for Chizumatic, by the way.

"When I first watched it, I thought I would get tired of the running gag about Chizu's reaction to Mahoro's cooking, but I never do. For me, Chizu is the secret pleasure of this series, and that's why this site is named what it is."


The commercials for Nintendo's Wii makes it look interesting. Of course, that's what commercials are supposed to do; but I admit I like the idea of a multi-function, motion-sensing controller. Sports games don't seem right when played with a joystick or keypad. I'm betting that the Wii's controller will make such games more enjoyable.

It would also make swordfighting games more realistic. That would be neat.


Apple now makes a 1 GB iPod shuffle that's about an inch square and maybe a quarter of an inch thick. Maybe 3/16". And looking at it, I am now almost tempted to get one. In general I don't much care about the cachet of owning an iPod and I'm not one of those fools who must have music wherever he goes, whatever he is doing; but my car has an "Aux input" on its stereo, and I can cram a lot of music into 1 GB of storage. 128 Mbit MP3s are "good enough" for most applications and they don't take a lot of room. Most of the MP3s I rip are 320 Mbit, but they could be downsampled to new files, saved to DVD, and then copied to the iPod from there when I wish to change track lineups.

I can usually tell the difference between 128 and 320 Mbit MP3s because the "stereo" effect suffers at the lower bit rate. But the only time I can really tell that is when I'm using headphones or my surround system; the other places I listen to music (work and car) are too noisy for the difference to be audible. Those are the "most applications" I'm talking about above. (The boombox in Receiving has an "aux input" too, haha.)

The only real problem with it is the price--around $80 or $90, which is much more than I wish to spend on something which, really, duplicates hardware I already have. I've had a Rio CD/MP3 player since 2002 and it seems to do just fine, and it doesn't require a special dock or power supply in order to work. It uses ordinary AA batteries and can play any CD or CD-ROM with the appropriate audio files on it--even WMA. (And none of that Apple "FairPlay" BS.) So why spend $90 on an iPod??


Next weekend I actually have both Saturday and Sunday off. That's going to be nice; I hope the weather cooperates so I can go get some things done on Sunday. I still haven't gotten rid of the green car yet, for one thing.


Oh well. That's all for now.

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