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#1914: Why me, John Bigbooté? might be booby-trapped.

No, that has nothing whatsoever to do with anything I planned to write about. It's just the line from Buckaroo Banzai that I find myself wanting to use the most often, and it just appeared there on my screen before I could do anything to stop it. I'm too lazy to edit (or to come up with another title for this post) so we're all just going to have to learn to live with it.

* * *

California is bankrupt yet their legislature is still finding ways to spend even more money than the state takes in.

I'm in awe of the sheer incomprehensibility of adding $200 million to a state budget which is already $9,000 million in the red.

Well, they didn't get into this position by being smart....

* * *

I don't mind President Tweek-o-matic doing stupid crap instead of Presidential stuff. I really don't, and you know why?

The more time Boss Tweek-o-tron spends on that useless crap, the less time he has to spend on screwing us over.

Take a look at the health care reform debate: Obama is providing zero leadership--or cover--for the Democrats. If he were, y'know, actually leading, this thing might be a lot farther along than it is.

* * *

John Edwards. Nothing else need be said.

* * *

From Big Dick: Moron doesn't want to "become a cannon fodder in the capitalist military" so instead he's gone to NK and volunteered to become cannon fodder in the communist military.

Yeah, I think Dick's got it right when he says, "Bawawawhahhahhahahwawhahhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

...and thereby improved the aggregate IQ of both countries.

Let's take a look at this, shall we? This "nuclear-powered retard" (as Dick aptly characterizes the young man) left the free world to avoid being conscripted into "the capitalist military". This despite the fact that:

1) there is no draft in the United States
2) there are no plans to reinstate the draft in the United States
3) there is no need to reinstate the draft as Obama is winding down military operations. (Wisely or not.)

How screwed in the head do you have to be to look at the current situation and conclude, Fuck it! I'm going to North Korea where I'll be FREE!

* * *

I am really hating my metabolism right now.

Okay, after sleeping for some eight hours I had to drag myself out of bed in order to get the grocery shopping done. Zero appetite, gut blowing up, everything hurting, argh etc. home from the store, collapsed, woke up at 11:30 PM hungry and ready for action.

It wouldn't be so bad if it were 11:30 AM, but it's not. So all the stuff I wanted to get done this week has been left undone, and it really pisses me off.

On the way to the store I stopped at McDonald's and got a couple of double hamburgers. I ate one, managed to eat about a third of the second one, but couldn't stomach the idea of eating any more than that. I helped Mom with the shopping but my gut started cramping, so I begged off helping her with the checkout lane and headed out to the truck.

Got the stuff into the truck, and on the drive home the cramps started moving. Got home, rushed inside--

(I'll omit describing the next few steps)

--and by the time I was finished, Mom had brought the groceries in but for the cat litter, which I brought in.

We had discussed heading out to the mall area to get finch seeds and do a couple other minor things but she was talking to one of my sisters by the time I got out of the bathroom, and when I interrupted her to ask whether or not we were going--this was an hour after we got home, about 7-ish--she mimed falling over with exhaustion.

I hit the sack.

For me not to be able to get around two stupid McDonald's double hamburgers--cripes. I mean, that's like a minor snack for me most of the time; that's barely enough to stoke the boiler, much less make any steam.

But when I got up, I was hungry...and I ate the approximately 1.5 servings of fried rice I had left over from yesterday.

Yeah, the same pattern held yesterday; only there was no food, so I got up at 11:30 PM Friday night and made fried rice. And it was Ed-size servings, you know, not the tiny little "servings" you see on nutritional labels. "This 12-oz can of Pepsi is 1.5 servings!"--who the hell drinks 8 oz of soda and leaves 4 oz? This is stupid.

As for the fried rice, I have to say that I've still got it; my fried rice is the best. Minute Rice now has this extra-convenient "boil in bag" thing; you take a pouch from the box and toss it into boiling water and boil it for five minutes. Then you take it out of the water, and the rice is done. Open the pouch, fluff with fork, rice.

And it's enough rice for fried rice the way I make it, too. My fried rice is actually more like stir fry with rice added, really. I usually make it with hamburger, unless there's leftover meat of some kind in the fridge. And you can put anything you want into it, too; if you don't have baby corn toss in a can of regular corn. Carrots, cabbage, etc--whatever floats your boat. One pouch of that "boil in bag" Minute Rice is just the right amount.

* * *

Anyway, the shopping got done; but we didn't get out to Menards, and I never did go to Best Buy to look at GPS/navicomputers. Dang it.

Well, I think I want one, but I want one that can be used as a hand-held unit, not just for street navigation; and I'm not sure such a beast exists. (Looks like some of these--at least, and probably all--have built-in rechargeable batteries, so I guess they do.)

The one I like the most, as of now, is the Garmin nüvi 205W. Problem: that was on sale at Best Buy and just went back up to its regular price of $160. *sigh*

Well, hell. I guess I can just sock my Christmas money away (under the mattress heh) and wait for another sale.

...though Amazon has it for about $94 shipped.... Maybe Monday--after a trip to the bank--I can order one...?

* * *

Oh, relax; it's Christmas money. (Some of it is left over from last year.) I get to spend that on whatever I want. Right?

* * *

I've been watching a lot of anime and not playing much WoW of late. I don't know what the deal is, either. Anime takes a lot less physical effort--and how the fuck lazy can you get anyway? Jeeze louise!

...ep 10 of Haruhi II was about making the movie for the culture festival. I wonder if they use up the rest of the series on that? (No, don't tell me.) I can see how they could, and it would probably be really entertaining to boot.

I've been listening to music from K-on!. Among the music I downloaded via a torrent at BakaBT is the songs written by Mio Akiyama and performed by Afternoon Tea Time. (Okay, written by someone whose name I can't remember, sung by the voice actresses, with instruments played by some other people, I know.) I'm talking about "Fuwa-fuwa Time", "My Love Is Like Staples", and "Ball-point Pen". (Free translation of the titles there, but for the first one.)

Fudapen (the latter song) is the one I like the most. My subconscious, though, seems to have other ideas, because for the life of me I cannot remember how it goes without listening to some of it. It's the exact opposite of having a song you hate stuck in your head: I try to remember it and get chunks of "Fuwa-fuwa Time" instead, and if I do manage to remember some of Fudapen, while I'm humming it, it turns into "Fuwa-fuwa Time" unless I'm really careful. WTF!

Reason #1 to like "Fudapen": it's sung entirely by Mio. (Yoko Hikasa, whom I want to marry just because of her voice. O Lord. Unfortunately, she was born the year I graduated high school.) :( I mean, her voice is perfect.

Oh, and I've got one of those little "things I discovered while looking something up" moments here


...starting, apparently, in April.

And there are other reasons to like "Fudapen", but I just forgot what they were.

I do belive I cannot overstate how thrilled I am at learning this excellent news. There needs to be more K-on dag nab it. At least 39 more episodes.

How much I liked K-on: when I finished watching it the first time, rather than take it off the playlist I went back to the beginning and watched it again. And I'm watching it again to make DVDs out of it, and enjoying it to no end.

* * *

Apparently WoW Cataclysm is coming out around November. That makes sense--have it out for the holidays--and that makes two years from the last expansion, which is about right, too. (If you consider that Wrath of the Lich King came out in November of 2008, which was four years after WoW began, it sounds about right. Any bets on whether Burning Crusade came out in 2006? Anyone?)

I'll miss Ashenvale; it's going to be destroyed. Why couldn't they destroy Azshara instead? Azshara is like the worst-designed zone in the entire freaking game. 95% of the zone is about 100' above sea level, and there are about three places around the edge which are not steep cliffs.

In other words, if you want to get to that one little place over there in the middle of the coast, you have to go all the way to the east edge to get to sea level, then swim all the damn way back.

Just jump? Why, sure--if you've got a way to keep yourself from dying after falling all that way. Sure, go right ahead. Feather fall, levitation, whatever.

Likewise, getting back up requires that you find one of the three places you can actually climb. Otherwise you're staying at sea level; maybe you can hearth or something.

Though I have to admit that Azshara won't be nearly as annoying when we can use flying mounts in Azeroth, which is also a feature of the new expansion.

* * *

Even with blots of bird poop on it, the Jeep looks 10,000% better than it did before I washed it.

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