atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1915: I took the plunge.

Garmin nüvi 205 as mentioned in the last post.

It is not the widescreen model Best Buy had on sale this past week; but it's good enough for me. After doing some research I found that this unit will do everything I need and nothing I do not need. (Example: some of these things incorporate MP3 players. NOT NECESSARY; I have an MP3 player already and my stereo plays MP3 disks.)

You can get a latitude and longitude measurement from it, though it's a bit cumbersome. You can charge it from a computer's USB port, so no AC adaptor is necessary. It's not friendly for geocaching, but if you just want to dabble a bit it'll work fine.

I was a bit nervous when I saw that it doesn't do "dead reckoning", until I learned all that means is that it still (sort of) works if it loses contact with the satellite. Don't need that; 99% of my driving is suburban/country.

End cost was about what I would have paid for a similar unit at Best Buy with tax figured in, so F it.

And so I have no Christmas money left. Oh well. I had the money in my account and was determined not to piss it away on little things. That's what happened to last year's Christmas money; I pissed it away on this and that. (Like birthday and Valentine's day presents for the stupid woman who jilted me. What a waste of money that turned out to be.) (No, I'm not cynical; why do you ask?)

Anyway, spending my Christmas money on stuff I wanted and wouldn't ordinarily buy for myself--what a concept!

...I guess I do feel a bit guilty about buying stuff like this when unemployed. Oh well.

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