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#1918: Why does fountain pop taste so damn good?

For the first time in four days, I woke up without any gut pain or anything...and hungry, so I hit McDonald's for a #13 ("bacon motherf***ker"). Everything tastes good; the french fries are crisp and hot, too.

The Coke--understand, I am not a Coke man. Pepsi has always been my family's soft drink of choice, and though I don't remember exactly when or where it happened I do remember vividly the first time I tasted Coke, and noticing how different it tastes from Pepsi.

Coke's not bad; it's just that it's not Pepsi.

But whenever I get a combo meal I get a Coke, because I don't care for Mello Yello (Coke's lame answer to Mountain Dew) and I like caffiene in my soda, which knocks just about everything else out of the running. (Yes, Barq's has some caffiene in it. No, I don't like root beer with a hamburger. It just seems wrong.)

And if I had a choice between cracking open a bottle of Pepsi or having a refill on this Coke, I'd take the refill because it just tastes better.

That's why I keep thinking about going the route a friend in Iowa did, and getting hold of a soda fountain: the result is pop which is fresh, has a fine-tuned mix, and is cheaper than retail.

(Hmm. My #13 has morphed into a #12. I wanted a bacon mofo, not a "deluxe". Well, the price is the same, anyway. It's not what I ordered, but it'll do.)

One thing I learned from that episode: once you've passed root beer through a fountain spigot, you can't use that tap for anything else, because it'll end up tasting like root beer. That explained to me--finally--why pop I get from fountains sometimes has a slightly fruity flavor; 'tis not fruit but sasparilla!

* * *

This asshat was going 'way too damn fast. The damn car is split all the way to the fricking C-pillar. An American-made car, made in this century.

Look at this image.

The driver used up a decade's worth of luck; he walked away with a scratch. From that. And no one else was hurt because of his stupidity, thank God.

* * *

Speaking of stupid, here's another Nissan GT-R story.

The GT-R is a complete disappointment as a car, IMHO; if you drive it to take advantage of all the performance it can deliver, the warranty is void; what the hell is up with that? A gearbox costs $20,000, an engine costs $36,000--WTFF!

...for 480 turbocharged horsepower, at that. Jesus. Give me $36,000 and I'll build an engine which makes a thousand horsepower. On pump gas. Or: give me $36,000 and I'll build an entire freaking car with an engine that makes more than 500 HP, runs on pump gas, and which will let you do burnouts all goddamned day without breaking. And I'll pocket a sizable fraction of that $36,000 as payment for my labor.

In fact, I wouldn't have to build the engine; I could just buy it. Go take a look at the Jeg's website. You can buy crate motors which make 500 HP right out of the box, and they don't cost any $36,000. The most expensive one I can think of is GM's LS9, which is around $15,000 as I recall--but you hook it up to fuel and electricity and a radiator, add the fluids, and then start it, and it makes about 450 horsepower on 87 octane fuel.

But you don't need an LS9. In fact, you're better off spending about $5,000 for a run-of-the-mill engine and adding about $5,000 worth of supercharger to it; with proper tuning and 93 octane fuel you'll make well over 500 HP which--again--can be used any way you like, including shredding tires all day long if that's what floats your boat. And it'll make a shit ton of torque right off idle, too--no turbo lag, no wanky factory warranty to worry about.

Of course the car won't be a GT-R or other super-expensive wreck-to-be. It would probably be something on the order of a late '80s Mustang, restored, with a completely rebuilt suspension, and a Ford crate motor of some kind under the hood. Probably mated to a 6-speed gearbox; and a Currie 9-inch rear end replacing the stock Ford axle because the Currie 9-inch is virtually bulletproof. 500+ HP, forced induction, good looks, good handling, and it would probably cost about $20,000 all told.

And you could beat the everloving piss out of it without worrying about breaking things.

* * *

When I linked this, the engine had a sale price of $21.99. That is, of course, an error.

If I were a dickhead I might be inclined to try ordering one and then suing them for false advertising, but I'm not a dickhead; that's obviously a mistake, and anyone who claims to have been fooled is, in fact, either a bald-faced liar or a complete tool.

* * *

Although it is not always true, generally speaking law enforcement does not shoot you unless you do something to warrant being shot. (Ruby Ridge comes to mind as one obvious exception, as does the Waco fooraw.)

Even so, when you have a person who is advocating jihad, who then ends up being shot 20 times by the FBI after resisting arrest and firing a gun, it does sound as if the guy brought it on himself.

It's not exactly a secret that cops have guns and are allowed to shoot people, and when you resist arrest it makes you look guilty. You can be released from jail; you cannot be released from death.

At first glance, this sounds stupid: "20 shots caused 21 wounds." ...but there's such a thing as an exit wound, after all.

* * *


Yesterday I had Scythandra dump Enchanting and took up Herbalism instead. When I finally quit playing, Herbalism had been pushed over 125.

Okay? I managed to get Herbalism more than halfway to where Enchanting was in a single session.

I still haven't gotten the skill to where I can gather the stuff I really want/need to gather--I'm talking about stuff Bitsychan will find useful for Enscription, and which will also fetch a good price at auction--but a little more grinding will do it.

Speaking of which....

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