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I got a ton of links to link, and snark about.

Scott Brown is the legitimate junior Senator from Massachusetts but has not been seated yet. Dingy Harry Reid is going to hold a major vote before Mr. Brown is seated, and presumably Senator Kirk will illegally vote.

How many days has it been since the election? Let me see, it was January 19, and it's now February 2, so that's...carry the one...two weeks.

It took them one day to seat Tsongas. Same state, same situation--so why has it taken two freaking weeks to seat Brown?

Oh, oh--I know. Brown is a Republican.

* * *

"All I could think about was Vince Foster." This is a Democrat staffer saying this about the whole John Edwards fiasco.

If nothing else, hopefully this nonsense will keep John Edwards from ever holding any office other than whatever one he currently occupies.

* * *

Although I am no fan of the Constellation program I am not convinced the Obama administration's typical Democrat gutting of the NASA budget is going to make things better.

I feel a lot more comfortable with a robust NASA and a business environment in which people can make money on commercial space flight.

...I'm going to have to do a post solely on this issue, but I'm not in the right frame of mind for it right now.

We're probably not going back to the moon any time soon, though.


The Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel warned NASA not to use private companies to supply space flights.


* * *

David Limbaugh: "Obama...he used that extraordinary, one-off deficit of $1.3 trillion as the new base line from which all future deficits would be measured, and he planned to treat any future annual deficit less than $1.3 trillion as a triumphant reduction."

* * *

Toyota's "unintended acceleration" problem:

Woz thinks it's software. "Woz" being the guy who actually built the Apple I and -][.

(Yes, Jobs helped.)

Toyota is worried about what this means for the brand.

The vaunted image of "Japanese quality" is taking a hit from this.

It's going to cost Toyota a lot of money to repair its image.

Give me a car with a cable connecting throttle and accelerator.

* * *

Dennis on shitmusic. I like the Eagles; the rest of the groups on his list are deserving of inclusion. I like a couple songs by Crosby, Stills, and Nash--but he's still right about all of this.

Dennis limited himself to "rock bands", which is probably why some of the great generators of shitmusic are not on there. (Lenny Kravitz comes to mind. Okay? All rap. Most R&B--and I only have that qualifier in there because Ray Charles was an R&B artist.)

But I think I'll comment on his choices.

Led Zeppelin: the pinnacle of their career was "Stairway to Heaven". There isn't any other song by them that I like. I don't know what the hell was wrong with them--too drunk or high perhaps--but the music lacks technical excellence. Studio albums that sound like live performances because the tempo is all over the place and the notes are frequently out of key--a lot of it just sounds like shit to me, which is why I never really liked any of their music.

Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger can't sing and has a lousy voice. And this is another band which sounds like crap all the time.

Janis Joplin: I'm glad I'm not the only person who doesn't see what leads people to call her talented.

The Eagles: Don Henley is a screeching moron. I like "Hotel California".

The Doors: None of their songs were any good. Someone said, "Oh, Jim Morrison was on a spiritual journey!" No he wasn't. He was just fucking drunk. All the time.

Eric Clapton: Pretty much dead-on. The acoustic version of "Layla" was all right.

Guns 'n' Roses: Sucks.

* * *

Big Dick: "This needed to be posted on the day Obama killed the next lunar mission."

* * *

Why is this a "fail"? Because the guy is fat?

epic fail pictures

I honestly don't understand why this is a "FAIL". Knights can't be fat?

Consider the economics of medieval Europe. Knights tended to be wealthy--you couldn't afford all that armor and the horse and the people to help you put the armor on if you didn't have money. And wealthy people tended to eat better.

That's why, I might add, plump women are so often used for depictions of beauty in medieval and renaissance portrature--the plumpness was an outward sign of wealth, and common women were skinny.

In fact, the chain hauberk that guy's wearing would represent a hefty investment for a resident of the medieval era. That represents a skilled armorsmith's total output for perhaps four to six months--if not more--and those guys did not work for chicken feed.

If "Sir Cheeto of Mountain Dew" were a real knight, he might easily have been that big, and he would have been solid muscle underneath. He could have lifted the snarky poster of said picture by the skull and punched him in the face until candy came out.

* * *

To be fair, the chainmail this guy's wearing isn't real chain mail, in that the rings don't appear to be riveted. It looks good, but it wouldn't stop a real sword attack from someone who was serious about actually killing you. Very little of the chain mail which is made for re-enactors and history enthusiasts is real chain mail; it simply costs too much to make. (There isn't enough cross-linking in the chains, either.)

It's easier to make chain mail than it is to make leather armor, though, which is why you most often see people wearing it at Ren fairs. Also, leather armor is hard to move in, and hot; to get the leather to the right level of durability it has to be boiled in oil or rosin--and who can do that in his garage? And after that it has to be sewn together--with an awl because the leather is so stiff.

And of course it's easier to make chain than plate. Scale mail requires a lot of riveting; plate armor--the "suit of armor" which is commonly associated with knights--requires some advanced metalwork and a serious investment of tools. (Expect to need a planishing hammer and an English wheel to make smooth curves.)

Why do I know all this stuff? Because I used to play D&D seriously, and I learned it by osmosis.

There was this time when I was in a group which was confronted with a cavalry unit. The DM was playing it "arrogant", "elitist", and "brash" with a lot of esprit de corps, and the group was dismissing them: "They're all going to get wiped out."

I disagreed, particularly after learning that the cavalry unit had healthy animals and clean uniforms--they were an elite unit, not just playing at it; and I knew that because of the economics of a pseudo-medieval world. It costs a lot to maintain a horse and armor and fancy uniforms; you're not going to give horses and plate armor to a bunch of useless yokels and call it cavalry, not when it costs so much to maintain. They had esprit de corps precisely because they were an elite unit.

(For the record, they took losses, but did very well. They still ended up needing our help as they had no infantrymen with them.)

* * *

I figured out that Haruhi likes Kyon because Kyon's expressed no interest in dating her. Even the kiss in the last ep of the first series reinforces that notion--he kissed her but never did anything else--but I've run out of energy. I'll have to defend that assertion later on.

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