atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1920: You guys are jerks! help me out here.

I hope the Republicans refuse to help. Obama's slamming Republicans while expecting them to help him? Tweek-bot needs to learn a little humility.

Michelle Malkin on this.

* * *

It fell down the bit bucket. Then it crawled out, then fell down again. Then crawled out again.

* * *

The Anchoress posts about an editorial from someone who understands what "freedom of expression" is supposed to mean; and it prompted me to point out that the whole imbroglio over that "choose life" Super Bowl ad again demonstrates that groups like NOW aren't so much "pro-choice" as they are "pro-abortion". They support "choice" as long as those who are making the choices choose the "right" alternative.

Any example of someone making the "wrong" decision must never be allowed to be portrayed in a positive light.

* * *

Leonidas at Eternity Road has linked to an interesting piece which asks a few intriguing questions about the Knickerbomber.

* * *

Read this. It's not terribly long nor is it excessively technical, and it demonstrates why all the dire warnings about climate change are total bunkum.

* * *

Today was the primary election in IL, and we went to the polls. Whee.

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