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#1924: Toyota recalling the Prius


More detail from Jalopnik on the problem with brakes on the Prius. "Toyota admits there's a problem and, oh Lord, it's a software issue. There's a 'disconnect' in the ABS and it'll lag one second before it starts braking." One second is an eternity when you're about to run into something.

The software has been patched, but not in many cars which have already been sold. So Toyota's got to recall all the cars and have dealers update the software.

* * *

Beat this woman with a bastinado. Cats do not need their ears pierced. This woman is a sicko.

* * *

The Democrat candidate for Lieutenant Governor has been accused of holding a knife to his ex-girlfriend's throat. Years ago.

...looks like the Democrats decided the wrong guy won the nod. Quinn--who won the Dem nod for governor--is calling on the guy to step aside.

* * *

Obama spoke at some prayer breakfast, and kept referring to a "corpseman". He meant corpsman, of course.

Looks like the teleprompter doesn't include a pronunciation guide.

Any guesses on what the late-night talk show hosts would joke about if he were a Republican?

By the standards expressed to me some years ago, Obama is unqualified to be President, because he makes mistakes and misspeaks.

* * *

No, I don't think the guy who told me that is applying the same standard to Obama that he applied to George W. Bush.

* * *

The GPS performed flawlessly today when I used it in the truck.

I noted a couple of places where the database was wrong about the speed limits--one place the GPS said it was higher than the posted limit, and in one place it was lower--but otherwise it was dead on.

The impressive thing: the default setting for the color scheme on the screen auto-changes according to whether it's light or dark outside. At night it drops the brightness, too. You can set it to whatever you like, but the defaults are damn good. I have to wonder how it decides when to change; I assume it's got some kind of calculating algorithm, especially since if you check out the "world clock" applet you can get to a map of the planet showing where the sun is shining.

Visibility of the screen on a cloudy morning was excellent. I haven't seen it in sunlight yet.

So the thing is a bit bigger than a deck of cards. It receives satellite signals and figures out where it is in the world; then displays a map (in color) showing where you're at and which way you're facing. It also computes your speed, and relates that to where you have told it you want to go, and figures out a route for you, using roads, based on an internal database. Said database covers the entire continental United States. This takes a considerable amount of computing power.


The power cord, of course, is not long enough for me to route it around the windshield. Since it ends with a mini USB plug--the unit is charged through its USB socket--I can't fab up a patch cord. I'm going to have to try to find some kind of extension cable with the right ends.

* * *

Wikipedia entry on GPS.

* * *

And now I'm going to go lay down.

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