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#1932: Watch out for polar bears.

Vox Day has a bit about the warmista movement. This is a good read.

The whole interview is here.

* * *

Why bother with this? I forget how many millions of illegals we have in the country right now, but it's not a trivial number--so many that "there's nothing we can do about it". But this woman--who was told she was a citizen and who is now being told she is not--faces deportation?

If "there's nothing we can do about" illegal immigration, why harass anyone?

This is horseshit. This woman made a good-faith effort to follow the law, yet she faces possible deportation when there are millions of Mexicans here who didn't even try to obey the law and whom are being mollycoddled.

Pournelle calls this "anarcho-tyranny": the laws are only enforced when it's easy or convenient for the government to enforce them. It's wrong; it violates the entire spirit of "equal protection under the law", which is one of the founding principles of this country.

If I were this woman, I'd make INS come get me and haul me out of the country, and I'd lawyer up and sue, sue, sue--because if they deport her but not the myriad of illegals who deliberately broke the law to come here, they are violating her civil rights.

* * *

Interesting article on the city of Toyota, Japan which is the hometown of Toyota, Inc.

I always wondered why the founder's name was Toyoda but the company was Toyota: "The company name is spelled and pronounced differently from the founding family name because Toyota is written in Japanese script with eight brush strokes, considered luckier than the 10 required for the family name."

That makes sense. The difference between "ta" and "da" in hiragana is the voicing mark, which looks like a quote mark ("). There's your extra two strokes.

* * *

Speaking of two strokes... no, that's too cheap, even for me. I'm so damn sick of Danica Patrick. Now she's in NASCAR? As far as I know she's still only won one race in her entire career. Is NASCAR going to be easier on her than IndyCar?

Do I care?

* * *

Zombietime on "eat local".


February 8, 2010: I look through the window at the hard, frozen ground, and contemplate the futility of existence. My cucumber patch still refuses to sprout. The pepper plants are dead. The beans--which were to provide the bulk of my protein--have not produced so much as a single leaf since I transplanted the shoots. I have been forced to eat the dog.* No idea when or where I'll get more meat....

He doesn't even go into the issue of climate, though; he doesn't need to:
Most of the produce which you can actually buy yourself is either grown in California, the West Coast, or in New England — precisely the areas where the “locavore” movement is popular. As a result, “eating locally” at current population levels is only even possible if you live in liberal enclaves on the coasts; the vast majority of Americans in the rest of the country couldn’t “eat locally” even if they tried.
Gee, a movement which makes coastal liberals feel like they're better than everyone else--who could have seen that coming?

No I don't have a

* * *

Mark Steyn starts with the Gaffe-o-troid's corpse-man gaffe and goes on to even more fertile ground. If I were a woman I'd be mailing my underwear to Mark Steyn.

(...wait, would it be creepy to mail my underwear to Ann Coulter?)

Anyway, Steyn provides this critique of Obama-nomics: "Obama’s spending proposes to take the average Bush deficit for the years 2001–2008, and double it, all the way to 2020. To get out of the Bush hole, we need to dig a hole twice as deep for one-and-a-half times as long."

I am horrified by this pair of sentences: "In the spendthrift Bush days, federal spending as a proportion of GDP average 19.6 percent. Obama proposes to crank it up to 25 percent as a permanent feature of life."

Twenty-five percent? And that's just the federal government. Remember that many middle-class families end up losing half their income to taxes and fees imposed by the various levels of government.

Jeeze louise. That's nuts.

* * *

Anime playlist:

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Yume de Aetara
Martian Successor Nadesico
Excel Saga
Big O
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
Haruhi II

"Haruhi" is alomst over--one ep left, and then I must await the movie. *sigh* But I'll watch the whole thing over again as I make DVDs of it.

Yume de Aetara is pissing me off. The female lead is a bitch: she's one of those women who won't give the male lead the time of day, yet she gets pissed off at him if he even looks at another woman. She refuses to refer to him as her boyfriend yet she acts as if he owes her total and undying fidelity.

The eps are short (10-15 min) but I don't know how much more of this nonsense I wish to deal with.

Nadesico is moving in directions I had not anticipated. The main character, Akito, is a bonehead. I like the other characters, though Yurika's blindness about Akito's feelings is annoying.

The ship's comm officer, Megumi Reinard, is based on Megumi Hayashibara.

Akito does 'way too much screaming. He also goes off half-cocked too much. The "I hate that man because I've just learned he caused the destruction of my homeland!" schtick annoys me whenever I see it, because nearly all the time it's so badly employed that it merely makes the character look unhinged rather than "complex".

Okay, the guy ended up dropping a Chulip on a martian colony. He was on the losing side of a pitched battle, and pulled something out of his ass that ended up saving the crew of his ship; he had no control over where the Chulip went after the remains of his ship collided with it. Mars fell to the aliens regardless and all the surviving colonists ended up concentrated in one spot because so few of them were left. I don't think the guy's actions made that much difference; when the aliens invaded--and totally squished the human military flat--Mars was pretty much a lost cause, anyway.

Oh well.

* * *

The forecast predicts snow tonight, and Tuesday's forcast says, "Total snow accumulation 6 to 12 inches."

As always, I'll believe it when I see it.

...the other day I went to McDonald's for a burger, and purposely drove the Jeep through a deep snowdrift. The snow was deep enough that the bottom of the body leveled off the top of the snowdrift, but the Jeep soldiered right on through. I didn't even have to engage 4WD.

It reminds me of a scene in a story I wrote. The main character is a female journalist who is trying to get an interview out of a reclusive hero, a man who single-handedly prevented a terror attack aboard an airliner. She's wiggled her way into staying in the guy's house, and takes a ride with him into town for some supplies.
The trip “into town” ended up being back to Garren—the big two-hour drive—rather than the half-hour into Marl’s Ditch. I didn’t mind; it was my first time off the farm in two weeks and I was getting low on some things the general store in Marl’s Ditch did not appear to stock.

We went in Henry’s “parts hauler”—a Ford pickup truck, rather old by the looks of it, but either carefully maintained or well-restored. Knowing Henry’s penchant for disassembling and reassembling cars, it could easily have been the latter.

Anyway, the truck purred smoothly over the goat trails they called roads around there, and once—with a wave to someone on a tractor—we cut right across a field, and Henry didn’t even switch on the four-wheel-drive.

“Why?” He asked when I pointed it out. “It hasn’t rained in a week; the ground’s dry.”

“What if you get stuck?”

“I’ll still have the four-wheel-drive if we do,” he said serenely. “You don’t use it all the time; just when you need it. We don’t need it.”

“I know you don’t use it all the time,” I said, “but I was under the impression that you did use it when you were off road, like we seem to be now.”

“No. Oh, if it was muddy, sure, but it’s not, and anyway we’re on sod. This is Bill’s fodder field; as far as I know he’s not plowed it in ten years."
My recent propensity for talking about my writing makes me think that the old brain is gearing up for doing something, writing-wise. Especially since I've found myself thinking a lot lately about stories that have been knocking around upstairs for a while.

* * *

With snow on the way I guess we'd better go get some shopping done today.

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