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#1937: Obama administration scared green of Sarah Palin

Why else would the White House spokesman Robert Gibbs try to capitalize on the latest BS?

This entire kerfluffle is the political equivalent of the wealthy dowager, scandalized by some tiny breach of etiquette, holding her hankie to her mouth and complaining, "Oooh, how vulgar."

Sarah Palin wrote a couple key points on her palm instead of adding it to notes or the teleprompter--"Oooh, how vulgar!"--when a Democrat who had done the same thing would be praised for his quick thinking and environmental consciousness, no doubt.

This is the best ammunition they have.

That's why it shows how threatened is the White House--arguably the most powerful office in the world!--by a 40-something former governor who currently holds no political office. They're scared out of their wits by her--which is why Robert Gibbs made his half-witted jab at her, and why the reporters in the room with him (who are mostly on his side anyway) laughed at it.

* * *

Rahm Emmanuel? They point the finger of blame at the President's chief political adviser?

The subtext of this--which no one on that side wants pointed out--is that Obama is useless. They're not blaming Obama because Obama hasn't provided any leadership for the Democrats in Congress. They're blaming Obama's chief of staff because "...Emanuel’s lack of Senate experience slowed President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority."

Where the hell was Obama in all this? He had a Senate seat for a few minutes; according to Democrats this is enough for any Democrat to do any political job anywhere in the world. (At least, that's what they told us in 2008.) If Emanuel couldn't handle the Senate, why the hell wasn't Obama telling him, "Okay, Rahm, here's what you do..."?

I'll tell you why: it's fricking amateur hour at the White House, that's why. Obama has no executive experience whatsoever ("running his campaign" does not count) and he doesn't know WTF he's doing, and it's showing in how he and his staff deal with Congress and the rest of the freakin' planet.

* * *

SNOWMAGEDDON! ....that's right, we've never never N.E.V.E.R. ever seen snow this bad, o Lord, we're all screwed.

Give me a break.

Meanwhile Vancouver is out of snow, and the 2010 winter Olympics are going to be held there. ("Winter Olympics"? Did I miss a memo? Or was that one of those things I don't give a radioactive flying rat's ass about? Hmm! I think it's the latter!)

It's all because of global warming, you know. The snow, the lack of snow, all of it, it's all global warming. Any time the weather departs from expected norms it's because of man-made global warming.

It is never due to random fluctuations in a chaotic system; oh no.

* * *

Okay all you birthers and teabaggers out there! Get it right! DISSENT IS NO LONGER PATRIOTIC! Dissent is only patriotic when there is a Republican in the White House! When the Democrats have seized power, dissent makes you a DANGEROUS RADICAL!

* * *

...which means I am risking an all-expenses paid trip to Gitmo for linking to this piece on how the job market has contracted in the last year. I am critical of the way Obama and the Democrats have handled the recession, and so I am unpatriotic and a security risk.

Og, too, is risking just such a trip. Maybe we'll be cellmates and can talk about guns and technology and other neat stuff between waterboardings.

* * *

Jalopnik on the Toyota Corolla "unexpected veering" problem. This piece has a snide tone to it, though.

Jalopnik seems to have the attitude that a car which is not 100% exciting or interesting is somehow less valid than something exotic or merely unusual. (They love weird European cars in particular.)

Does Toyota make exciting cars? Not particularly. But before all this recall stuff, Toyota had a reputation for building solid, dependable, high-quality cars, and did quite well selling them. Many people out there aren't looking for adventure when they get into their cars; they are merely trying to get from point A to point B with a minimum of fuss. They want a machine which will reliably allow them to do so with a modicum of comfort and efficiency.

Toyota does that. Despite the problems Toyota is having with recalls, their vehicles still do that. They sell well because plenty of people in the world want a car which is a good value, which will last, which does its job efficiently and without excess trouble.

It's fine that Jalopnik doesn't care for Toyotas; it does not mean that people who buy Toyotas are somehow stupid.

This kind of elitism just annoys the crap out of me.

* * *

Today's Dilbert is the most awesome one ever.

But today's XKCD, I had to think about:

And then I LOLed.

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