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#1938: Back up your critical data to OPTICAL MEDIA

Iran announced that it can make weapons-grade uranium today in fulfillment of the "big punch" that was promised for the 31st anniversary of Iran's descent into barbarity.

The second photograph contains a caricature of Obama, with the Star of David on his forehead. Yeah, Obama's really changed the way the world looks at us....

Oh yeah. Obama's approach has worked, hasn't it? "Welcome to Year Two of Barack Obama’s 'engagement' with Iran."

* * *

If the freight isn't moving, the economy is not improving. Trucker fuel purchases are off almost 40%.

* * *

China mulls using US treasury notes as a weapon. They're threatening to do a mass sell-off of treasury certificates unless the US stops its recent sale of weapons to Taiwan.

A sell-off would depress the value of them, probably throwing our currency right into the abyss. It would hurt--a lot.

* * *

A good Eternity Road piece on "climate change" and why it's not science.

* * *

The spring season of anime does not have much in it that looks interesting to me. The new K-on! series, of course, but not much else.

* * *

This is the LOL of the day.

Apparently Joe Biden went on Larry King's show last night and claimed that a success in Iraq will be a solid accomplishment "for this administration" meaning the Obama administration.

...well, it would be if it wasn't such a stunning display of unmitigated gall.

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