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#1941: Virtually nothing.

For the first time in quite a while I have spent more than five minutes unaware of my sigmoid colon. I don't know why, but damn is it nice.

* * *

I wonder how Car and Driver will spin this to make it the owner's fault?

* * *

If muslims don't want to be scanned by body scanners, they don't have to fly. Too damn bad. Hell, its their fault we have to scan people in the first place; if muslims weren't trying to blow up airplanes we wouldn't need the damn body scanners.

It's equality under the law and perfectly fair: if you want to fly, you get scanned. If you don't want to get scanned--for whatever reason--you don't get to fly.

* * *

This is appropriately space-age. ISS has an Internet connection. That's awesome.

* * *

Mediocre driver Danica Patrick wrecks in her first NASCAR race. "Danica Patrick crashed in her much over-hyped NASCAR debut at today's Nationwide race in Daytona."

I'm glad no one was hurt.

* * *

The original host for Trucks!, Stacey David, said, "If you're doing this kind of thing STOP it, because this will get you killed." He was talking about drilling a hole in a steering box input shaft and putting a bolt through it to correct a stripped shaft; but this is worse.

Much, much worse.

I can't even begin to imagine how fricking sloppy the steering of that car must have been.

I am going to assume that this was some kind of temporary kludge meant to tie the steering knuckles together so the car could be moved around the shop. I'm going to make this assumption so I don't lose all faith in humanity.

The first comment gets it wrong: the Tercel has a Ford V8 in its engine bay; Ford engines tend to have their distributors at the accessory end of the engine.

* * *

Things are not looking good in Europe. Greece is one of several countries which has spent beyond its means, and whatever the solution to the problem it is going to cause economic woes in Europe.

Some people are predicting the end of the Euro. If the Euro collapses--because the economy is global--you can expect other currencies to collapse as well. It's not going to be pretty.

* * *

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I have never liked Valentine's Day.

* * *

Speaking of stupid crap, some anus in the Chicago Sun-Times was upset over the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. He said they were "too joyful" in light of the tragic death of that luger who inadvertently departed the luge run at some 90 MPH.

Mom pointed it out to me and asked what they could possibly have done? The performers practiced their parts in the show for weeks--probably months--beforehand. There was no time to rewrite the show and rehearse new performances since the accident happened the morning of the opening ceremonies.


* * *

Death and economic depression? Is that all I've got?

* * *

I started making DVDs of Harhui the other day, doing eps 1-5, and I really enjoyed it the second time through. Good stuff. I think KyoAni is one of the best studios out there.

But studios come and go, I guess.

* * *

At some point I intend to fisk the e-mail I got from PepsiCo about PepsiONE. It's full of corp-speak and PR-speak and it's a bunch of horseshit. But not now; because I don't want to think that hard.

Pounding out 22 pages of hard SF in 2 days from a standing start--with no warm-up--has left me feeling like I sprained something. The only remedy is anime and WoW.

Time to fill my RX.

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