atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1953: Yeah, press charges, that'll work well.

Big Dick always posts such interesting things.

Young black man (YBM) is in a bad mood when he gets on the bus and mouths off to a 67-year-old man (OWM). The OWM mouths back, but then moves as far away from the YBM as he can get.

Some black women egg the YBM on, so he goes over to where the OWM is and starts talking shit again. Then the YBM hits the OWM.

...and the OWM beats the PISS out of the YBM.

YBM, bleeding: "You won't be so lucky next time."

The woman taking the video (a black woman--we see her arm at one point) says, "You wanna press charges? We got it on video!"

What she has on video is the YBM purposely going to the OWM--escalating the confrontation after the OWM took steps to defuse it--and it clearly shows the YBM throwing the first punch.

He can try to press charges, and the cops may even let him press charges, but no district attorney worth his salt would prosecute the case with that video as evidence. It's clearly self-defense.

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