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#1954: If a muslim had been at the controls it probably WOULD have been meant as a terror attack.

CAIR (which stands for Council to force Americans Into our savage death-cult Religion)--

...wait, no. It's supposed to approximate "Council for American Islamic Relations", isn't it? (But maybe my first answer is more accurate.)

Anyway, the towelheads at CAIR are upset because that weirdo douchebag who flew a light airplane into an IRS building isn't characterized as a "terrorist", when they're positive that a muslim flying the same airplane into the same building would have been.

Earth to CAIR: we can't even get the Fort Hood attack characterized as a muslim terror attack, and that was perpetrated by a devout fundamentalist muslim with delusions of grandeur who supported jihad and who sympathized 100% with America's enemies. But never mind that.

My point is...well, what I said in the title of this post: if a muslim had been at the controls of that plane--instead of a more garden-variety whacko--it probably would have been meant as a terror attack in the name of jihad to glorify Allah, or some similar nonsense.

* * *

...I am being really hard on fundamentalist muslims of late. I'm tired of equivocation and I'm tired of trying to be PC about it. Fuck it.

* * *

Greece is in trouble. Greece, like all the other nations in Europe, is socialist. And like all the other countries in Europe--to one extent or another--Greece is rather firmly in the red.

Greece is the worst example; they haven't even tried to control their spending and their national debt is enormous. It's much greater than EU law allows. Greece must cut spending and pay down its debt.

When a socialist nation cuts spending, though, the people who formerly received the money--and who will no longer receive it due to the spending cuts--get angry. They get very angry. "Riots and civil unrest" angry. "Burning government buildings and overturning police cars" angry. You get the picture.

So what do they do? They can't not cut spending. They also can't keep spending. Either way, the sitting government of Greece is screwed; they're not going to be winning many elections.

That's the problem with entitlements. You can get yourself re-elected for a good long time--decades--but sooner or later the gravy train comes to an end, and when it does, the citizens are going to be very unhappy.

* * *

Part of the reason Europe was able to successfully socialize itself for so long has to do with NATO. The United States, as part of its "containment" doctrine, spent a hell of a lot of money on tanks and guns and missile and paying people to run them. This is why we have: a) a free, non-communist Europe; and b) a Europe which is heavy on government social spending. Europe didn't have to defend itself, and could instead divert all the money it would have spent on defense on socialized medicine etc.

Germany wants the US to get its nukes out of Germany.

You know what? I have always wanted to give these countries what they want in that regard. You don't want our bases and our nuclear weapons there? Fine. We'll pull out and you can defend yourself.

You can spend all the money on tanks and guns and bombs and airplanes and people to run them, and let's see how long your economy can pay for self-defense and the big military you need in order to protect yourself.

Eh? "Germany has a military?" Of course it does. All the European nations do. But what they don't have is a military that can defend Germany from hostility by itself. The military doctrine of European nations depends on the existence of NATO to work, and without the United States, NATO is a paper tiger.

I'll say it again: I've always been for giving them exactly what they want. If they don't like the US military being stationed in their country we should leave. We'll take with us all the personnel who spend their pay off-base on merchandise and local entertainment, of course; but if you dislike having us there that much, I'm certain you'll find a way to do without all the money our servicemen spend in your country. Right?

Of course, the German government isn't saying they want our military bases out. Oh, no; they just want our nuclear weapons off their soil.

I prefer an "all or nothing" approach here. If Germany wants our soldiers, then Germany must accept all their tools, not just the ones they happen to like. American military strategy depends on quick access to nuclear weapons in some cases, and I don't think we should let them hamstring us, particularly when our presence benefits them so greatly. No nukes, no bases. Period. Like it or lump it.

* * *

More on Epic Beard Man. That bit Dick linked to, which I discussed here, apparently is a big deal on the Intartubzorz. /b/ refers to the older man as "Epic Beard Man" or EBM.

CBS--living up to its alternate acronym "Communist Broadcasting System"--places the blame on the white man.

Anyone with eyes and ears could clearly see that EBM was responding to something the black man said/did, something the black woman who recorded the incident did not capture. And in any event, EBM tried to diffuse the situation by walking away. The black man threw the first punch, too.

The woman who shot the video apparently had this to say: "DONT KNOCK THE MESSENGER IF YOU DONT LIKE WHATS (sic) HAPPENING HERE, BE THE CHANGE TO START PUTTING THESE THINGS TO AN END." If by "putting these things to an end" you mean black men getting mad and hitting white people, I'd say EBM did a pretty good job of starting that trend.

Apparently it's "racism" if a white person takes exception to being picked on by a black person. Apparently it's "racist" for a white man to defend himself after making a good-faith effort to walk away from a confrontation.

* * *

Mitt Romney tells Barack Hussein, stop blaming others for your screw-ups. "America is not better off than it was $1.8 trillion ago."

Good turn of phrase: "...let’s pin the blame on the donkey."

* * *

engrish funny empty dog

If you think about it--although the wording is a little odd--the meaning of this sign is perfectly clear.

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