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#1955: No! It's because THAT CRAP IS NOT MUSIC!

Audience's brains cannot cope with modern "classical" music.

What the crap is this?

"Many people still seem to find modern classical music challenging. If that is the case, then they can relax as it is challenging for a good reason and it is not because they are in some way too musically stupid to appreciate it." No! It's not "challenging"; it's shit!

The atonal, arryhtmic noise which is extruded by modern "classical" composers IS! EMPHATICALLY! NOT! MUSIC! Of course audiences can't understand it; there is nothing there to understand.

"It would be wrong to dismiss such music as a racket." No! No, it wouldn't! It's not music! It's noise! Nothing but noise!

"...[A]tonal music has been badly received by audiences and critics who have found it difficult to follow." Yeah! It's difficult to follow because it isn't music.

"In the early twentieth century, however, composers led by Schoenberg began to rally against the traditional conventions of music to produce compositions which lack tonal centres, known as atonal music."

I can do that. A monkey can do that. But if you (assuming you can't play an instrument) grab a piano or guitar and pound out a random sequence of notes you are not an artist. Not even if that sequence happens to be exactly the same as one by Schoenberg.

It's a load of horseshit and it has nothing to do with "culturalization".

* * *

Toyota is not the only successful company which knows that the Democrats are "not industry friendly". The only reason we're seeing the proof of it in this case is a Democrat subpoena against Toyota.

Toyota is the competition for Government Motors, after all; we can't have the competition doing better than the government's car company.

* * *

Örmüs hit 19th level last night shortly before I had to go to bed.

...I should not have bothered.

Going to bed, I mean: because after going to bed at 1:20 AM, I tossed and turned for three goddamned hours even after taking a Xanax at 2:15. When I did manage to fall asleep, it was the crappy sleep of a chronic insomniac, where you don't really fall into a deep sleep but wake up every fifteen or twenty minutes. I think I managed about two hours of really good sleep before waking up around 8 AM.

I was tired when I went to bed, too; I wanted to go to sleep.

My brother and sister-in-law were holding a birthday party for my nephew today; Mom and I were going to drive up there to attend it. it's snowing, and the weather all day has been moderate-to-nasty (and we're due for about four inches of snow, supposedly, tonight) so at this point I'm just as happy that I was too tired to drive up there this morning.

It's still irritating, though, not to be able to sleep when you want to.

* * *

Yesterday I tried diet Mountain Dew, and I liked it. It tastes good. It tastes like regular Mountain Dew. ...okay, it has the flat "finish" of aspartame, but Mountain Dew made with Splenda would fix that problem.

If PepsiCo can make diet Mountain Dew taste like regular, why can't they make a Pepsi which does? Argh.

* * *

Mildly amusing story:

Mom and I ran errands yesterday, including going to K-Mart for vacuum cleaner bags. I also got a pair of suspenders for my snow pants (long story) and a new belt; and then I saw they actually had short-sleeve henleys, which are my favorite kind of shirt, so I grabbed three. ($10 each.)

We then went to the grocery store and did the shopping there, and went home and got everything inside. I went to unpack the stuff from K-mart, and there were no vacuum cleaner bags.

Mom couldn't find the receipt. Finally I concluded that the receipt had been put in the bag with the vacuum cleaner bags and I had missed taking it when I took the others. So, I went back to K-mart and talked to the woman at customer service, and explained what I thought had happened; she told me just to go get another package of vacuum cleaner bags, and she didn't even charge me for them.

Well, you know what happened next, don't you? Because this story wouldn't be all that interesting without the punch line.

Mom found the receipt this morning, and the vacuum cleaner bags weren't on it. We hadn't paid for them. Somehow they either fell out of our cart, or we missed putting them on the counter at the cash register, or something. tomorrow I get to go back again, to pay for the vacuum cleaner bags. That's three trips to K-Mart for one $4 package of vacuum cleaner bags. Nothing like efficiency, I always sez.

* * *

"Moby Dick Politics, and no this has nothing to do with Clarence Thomas' alleged sexual harassment of Anita "I have the face of a Dumpster and only a blind man would actually want to have sex with me so I have a very active imagination" Hill.

Aaron says, "Obama’s political skills are negligible, his grasp of tactics and strategies monumentally unsound. Without that underlying substance, even his speeches are wearing thin."

Aaron believes that the current Democrat ploy to use reconciliation to pass ObamanationCare will fail. I wish I shared his optimism; but the Democrats need it if they are to have any hope of recovering control of Congress (and retaining it) in the near future. 'Cause from here, it looks like they're going to lose control of the legislature in November.

* * *

One thing I do not like about my Toshiba D-R410 DVD recorder: it has an attitude. When I shut it off, the display says "P OFF".

C'mon, dude; I can't leave you on all the time. No need to get snippy.

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