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#1957: I should think Susan Sarandon would be used to that.

Susan Sarandon got puked on by a transsexual.

...God damn it, you just can't make up a sentence like that. I know; I've tried, and it never comes off the right way. The average person automatically rejects it ("Why Susan Sarandon? Why a transsexual?") but as we can see, when such an event occurs in real life, there is no trouble about it; the reader accepts it without question.

While this kind of event is hardly unique in human history I have to wonder what makes this particular occurrence newsworthy. It must be due to the fame of the target.

* * *

Mychal Massie recounts some of the hidden costs of the homosexual lifestyle. Pointing them out makes him a homophobe.

* * *

Dennis points out that last week the Obama-tron administration's focus was to be "laser-like on the economy"...and now we're back to ObamaCare.

Dennis thinks that "ObamaCare 2.0" is going to have even more trouble getting through Congress than either of the prior bills (wouldn't that make this, in fact, version 3.0?) but I do not share his optimism on the subject.

The Democrats have to know that the political winds are against them. They cannot be unaware that this November portends a massive shift in control of both houses of Congress. They may hope to weather this storm (and/or cheat massively to win key elections) but you wouldn't see so many Democrats choosing to retire rather than run for re-election if they were optimistic about winning in November.

Democrat long-term strategy has always revolved around buying votes by taxing and spending. ObamaCare (or whatever you care to call it) is designed to be a foot in the door; Dennis presents a bulleted list of items the "new" bill will contain and all of them revolve around key Democrat desires: taxes and government control. And once the monstrosity is law, they need only wait for another Democrat majority in Congress, and they can then add "the government option".

After that, Democrats will never lose control of Congress again, because any time a Democrat congresscritter's seat is threatened they will ramp up the "you will lose your health care if you vote for my opponent!" machinery. This resonates well with core Democrat voters because the federal government in general and Democrats in particular have spent the last four decades building a class of people who are wholly dependent on government.

That is why we will have ObamaCare, in some form, before November, whether we want it or not. The Democrats are in power and they need it.

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