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#1965: If you want it, VOTE FOR IT. Otherwise, shut up.

Completely ignoring the fact that most Americans don't want it, the Democrats are forging ahead with ObamaCare.

Meanwhile the leftist media continue to carry water for Obama and the Democrats, and that latter link is what prompted me to post this.

Writes Paul Krugman:
The problem, not too surprisingly, lies in the Senate, and mainly, though not entirely, with Republicans. The House has already passed a fairly strong reform bill, more or less along the lines proposed by the Obama administration, and the Senate could probably do the same if it operated on the principle of majority rule. But it doesn’t — and when you combine near-universal Republican opposition to serious reform with the wavering of some Democrats, prospects look bleak.
The Senate doesn't operate on the principle of majority rule? What the hell?

The Democrats have been trying to excrete this turd for more than a year. During most of that time they had a supermajority in the Senate and could have passed anything they wanted. Now that they have a "mere" majority which is not filibuster-proof, suddenly they cannot move forward? And it's because the Republicans somehow keep the Senate from operating under the principle of majority rule?

There are a few options the Democrats have to make ObamaCare happen.

1) The House of Representatives can pass the Senate bill. Wham bam it goes to Obama's desk, it gets signed into law; done deal.

2) The Democrats can pass a compromise bill in the Senate using the budget reconciliation process. It makes them look bad, but wham bam it goes to Obama's desk where it gets signed into law; done deal.

3) The Democrats can scrap the entire goddamned thing and start over, and this time let the Republicans have input into the writing of the bill; this would end up generating a bill which some Republicans would vote for. It wouldn't fix the dire problem the Democrats have been screaming about for decades--the problem of average citizens being able to run their own lives--so this isn't going to happen. But it is a way for the Democrats to get a health care reform bill passed, which is why I included it.

The liberal machine is doing its damnedest to point the finger of blame at Republicans: those bastards are why our plan failed! But the actual problem is that the Democrats couldn't get their shit together. If they had passed ObamaCare in December, or November, or October, or--whenever, before the special election in Massachusetts in January, they would have had their bill on Obama's desk and he would have signed it.

Republicans didn't stop a damned thing. The Democrats shot themselves in the foot.

But the funniest aspect of the whole thing? The Democrats are taking aim at their other foot now, because they're trying to tell us that the Republicans stopped a bill no one outside of Washington, D.C. wanted anyway.

Sample Democrat campaign ad, November 2010: "Don't vote for my Republican opponent! He voted against ObamaCare!"
Average Voter: "Hot damn, I'm voting for that Republican dude!"

The Democrat ad won't say "ObamaCare" because the popularity of Obama now resembles that of a skunk at a fancy dress party. But it'll use equivalent words which mean "ObamaCare" and you can bet there'll be enough people out there who are smart enough to know what that means.

The important part is that the Democrats think portraying Republicans as obstructionists will help them; and I'm not so sure it will. So keep it up, guys.

* * *

While we're on the subject of Obama's popularity, I am cudgeling my brain trying to remember the last time I saw an Obama/Biden '08 bumper sticker. It's been a pretty long time.

You still see the occasional car with Kerry '04 stickers, and even Gore '00. But not Obama. Why do you suppose that is?

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