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#1970: What's the point of this?

A House panel approved a resolution condemning Turkish killings of Armenians as "genocide", which has got Turkey pissed off at us.

It's something that happened almost a century ago and had nothing to do with US foreign policy at the time. We were busy in Europe during WWI.

Now, however, it puts American foreign policy in a bind, because Turkey has some strategic importance for us in that part of the world.

"Moral considerations"? The people who did the killing, the people who ordered the killings, those people are dead. There isn't any point to condemning it now even assuming there's a point to condemning it at all.


* * *

Weird particles coming from quark-gluon plasma. my own SF stuff I made mention of experiments with quark-gluon plasmas, in the context of subnucleon weapons research. One result was a particle similar to a neutron which had no quarks in it; another was the occasional particle with more than three quarks. And other odd things. These particles didn't last long but such particles had been seen and their existences verified.

So reading this article about hyperons (the strange matter analogues to protons and neutrons) makes me feel pretty good.

* * *

Derek Lowe posts a video--embedded below--showing the reactivity of alkaline metals in air and water.

I am only linking it because at the very end something happened which made me say, "Holy crap!" And then I went back and watched it again. Cool stuff.

But THIS one is even better:


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