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#198: (see #197)

In All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku--the first OVA series--the main character is a cyborg, an android body with a cat brain. Nuku Nuku is another series by Yuzo Takada, who also gave us 3x3 Eyes, Blue Seed, and Every Day is Sunday, among others. I number Yuzo Takada among my favorite artists because of Nuku Nuku and Blue Seed.

In Nuku Nuku, the title character's body is created by Dr. Kyusaku Natsume and--for a complex reason I won't describe here--he ends up putting an injured cat's brain into the body. And what better appearance for a combat-spec android than a hot sixteen-year-old redhead? (Particularly when you are trying to hide from your estranged wife....) Most people who read this will know what I'm talking about, anyway.

Nuku Nuku is an instant hit with the boys at her new school, and Dr. Natsume is naturally teaching science there (got to pay the bills somehow, and he's not getting any more money from his hyper-rich estranged wife).

He's trying to teach class, and the male students are all gathered around Nuku Nuku; and so he hauls off and throws a piece of chalk at one of the guys, hard enough to knock him to the floor. "I'm not to be taken lightly!" He says, turning back to the chalkboard.

"...and I've got more chalk," I have always added to the end of that. That comment has always needed that addition; it becomes hilariously funny rather than merely humorous.

With Megumi's Diary I found an opportunity to use that line. Here is the page--and, BTW, the page is meant to be read right-to-left, as is the case with Japanese comics. (It's really just a silly affectation on my part, though.)

...yeah, the text is badly-pasted. You won't be able to read my handwriting, though.

If this is what she does to people for talking in class, I'd hate to see what she does to people who sleep....

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