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#1981: Go to jail for having the wrong opinion!

Massachusetts tried to make a law which made it illegal to have the "wrong" opinion of homosexuality. If you said anything negative about homosexuality, you'd face jail time.

This is the face of liberalism.

* * *

Obama supports collecting DNA from people who are arrested. Not convicted but arrested.

* * *

Democrat games with ObamaCare continue. They are going to have this no matter what shenanigans they have to perpetrate, and Constitution be damned.

Fortunately, the "Slaughter solution" has been nixed by the Senate Parlimentarian. The House can't just "deem" the bill to have passed. (Of course, if Joe Biden steps into his constitutional role as "President of the Senate", he can overrule the Senate Parlimentarian. This would put the "Slaughter solution" back on the table.)

It's "the wrong bill at the wrong time" but the Democrats couldn't care less about what the American people want. They need ObamaCare; therefore we shall have it. (Though those selfsame Democrats exempt themselves from having to participate in it.)

Obama's delaying his family trip to Asia. Oh no, it's not a "vacation", it's business, and Michelle and the kids were only accompanying him because they could, sure.
He doesn’t have the votes. As with Nancy Pelosi’s bravado, the deadline turned out to be a façade. If they had the votes, the bill would be on the floor now. Not only do they not have the votes now, it seems likely they won’t have the votes next week, either — which is why Obama’s pushing back his long-awaited trip to Indonesia.
If they can use the "Slaughter solution" it won't matter if they don't have the votes.

I agree that the thing's not on the floor now because the Democrats don't have the votes to pass it, but I do not agree that this thing is dead because they don't have the votes. They're working around the clock trying to find some way they can ram this thing through, constitutional or not, and sooner or later someone is going to figure out something that'll give a veneer of legitimacy to their maneuvering--and scant minutes later it'll be signed into law by Obama.

* * *

Looks like the Fungus will reach 2000 posts before its 4th anniversary on April 3rd.

* * *

FlashForward resumes on March 18, which is next week. I'm looking forward to it. That's a good show.

V resumes March 30.

Smallville resumes April 2. least House is showing new episodes. That show took time out only for the holiday season and the Olympics, unlike those others which take a hiatus approximately whenever the hell they feel like it.


* * *

So: Wednesday and Thursday we had really, really nice weather.

Mom's tulips--after about 48 hours of nice temps--sprouted a couple inches. That's fast. A week ago we had a foot of snow on the ground; now there are green shoots. I'm amazed. The tulips sprouted before the crocus did!

Wednesday night I had my bedroom window open a few inches. Man, was that fresh air nice--so nice that I had my window open about 1.5" last night even though it was considerably chillier.

...and today we're back to the 40s. Well, it's only March, after all.

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