atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1986: If a cold gets better but you're still miserable, is it better?

I swear I am going to go get a tonsillectomy when this is done.

Whenever I get a cold, no matter where it starts, my tonsils get inflamed and sore. If my tonsils weren't feeling as if they'd been dipped in ammonium perchlorate and then exposed to an oxygen-acetylene flame, I'd feel a lot better than I do right now.

Every time I cough, they hurt. Every time I swallow, they hurt. They're sore the rest of the time (albeit to a lesser extent). I'm tired of this crap. Get 'em removed; it'll mean a week or two of pain like this, but it'll mean that forever after I'll have no more tonsillitis when I get a cold.

Otherwise, I feel better than I did yesterday. Last night I could feel the defense mechanisms return to "standby", at least in my chest. Now my head is clogged up. It's like the cold couldn't hang on in my chest so it tried a different avenue of attack.

For a while this morning I felt like I couldn't breathe. Finally I realized that I--on top of everything else--was having a panic attack. *sigh* I thought that either NyQuil or Xanax knocked me out--phew. Together they make me a zombie. But at least I was able to sleep.

* * *

When I woke up, after noon, I was hungry, so I took the Escort over to McDonald's in order to procure food. I'm pleased to announce that the car is now 99.997% functional.

There are a few minor details to which I must attend. The exhaust is making a bit of noise it didn't make before the engine swap; also the engine stumbled a couple of times on the trip. There are some odd noises here and there I need to attend to. But otherwise, it's pretty good.

Next up: fix the HVAC controls so they work correctly.

Anyway, the fuel injector cleaner did it. "Techron Concentrate Plus" it says on the bottle. It's expensive but it works.

* * *

Okay, here's how sick I've been: I haven't been playing WoW.

Except for making that Haruhi disk Sunday night, I haven't watched any anime.

Yeah--that sick<. I'm so messed up I had to check the calendar to prove to myself it's Tuesday. Bleah.

* * *

Rather than descend into incoherence again, I'll sign off now.

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