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#1989: Democrats, STOP HELPING

I'm looking at paying $4,000 more per year for health insurance than I am now paying.

I thought ObamaCare was supposed to reduce costs. Right now I'm paying about $1,700 per year ($440 quarterly) and that's a strain. How the hell am I supposed to pay $5,800? And how does that save anyone money if the government is subsidizing my premiums? And how much is the government going to give me, anyway, for health insurance?

You can bet your ass it's not going to be any $4,000 per year. No. The current medical aid system doesn't even pay a provider's costs; why should the insurance subsidy system be any different? I cannot think of a single instance of government ever providing an average citizen with a payment which covered his costs or met market value. Ever.

* * *

By the way? Gas is $3.06 here in the south suburbs of Chicago. Thanks, Democrats, for being so steadfastly anti-drilling.

At least I got my jalopy back on the road. It should average around 36 MPG now that the oil burning has been dealt with.

* * *

By the way: do you think you are sick and tired of the debate over ObamaCare? You haven't even seen the beginning of the debate over this crap.

* * *

10 things American women do that drive men insane.

* * *

"...[T]he righteous feel they have some latitude to stray a bit in order to compensate."

* * *

China's economy is "biggest bubble in history".

...what do you think is going to happen when that bubble collapses?

Which it will: China depends on exports to fuel its economy, and its #1 customer--us--is in a deep, deep recession which is only going to get worse once ObamaCare becomes law. We're going to be spending four times as much for health insurance as we were; we're not going to have money to buy nifty tools at Harbor Freight.

When the Chinese bubble collapses, they'll sell off everything they can, including their holdings in US treasuries. After that much US debt hits the world market, the dollar will be worth its weight in toilet paper. (Probably used toilet paper.)

O such joyous times ahead!

Thanks, Democrats.

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