atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1991: Welcome to the new socialist state of America!

As I predicted, we got ObamaCare.

We new have sitting before us a raft of confiscatory new taxes, an unconstutional mandate that requires us to buy health insurance, and a host of policies and procedures which will utterly, utterly ruin the health care system of the United States. Ultimately the whole thing will be owned and operated by the US federal government: no other outcome is now possible.

We're now standing on the lip of the vast strip mine that is socialism. At the center is a gigantic machine, out of control, which will consume anything and everything fed to it. And Obama's name is on it.

* * *

We already have $3 per gallon gasoline, you morons. Thanks to the Democrats' steadfast opposition to the exploitation of our natural resources, of course.

The article is actually referring to prices in the Houston, TX area, of course. But if those "anal-ysts" think gasoline won't hit $4 this year, they're bigger idiots than they appear at first glance.

* * *

Wind power is no substitute. The Fungus has been trying to explain this to the world at large since the issue arose: wind power is no substitute for traditional generation methods. Wind power is what you use when you don't have any other alternatives.

* * *

Wolves in Ohio. Count on the EPA moving to "protect" them, making it illegal to kill any of them.

One of the most aggravating things about the counterculture is its love for wolves. "Oh, wolves are so beautiful!" And so the animal rights morons want to protect wolves from being hunted.

Recall, if you will, the idiotic fundraiser which said Sarah Palin was slaughtering "wolf cubs".

Wolves are vicious predators. They eat people. There's a reason the finding of wolves in Ohio is newsworthy: there used to be wolves all over the US. There aren't any now because people hunted them.

* * *

BTW, while unsuccessfully trying to find the Fungus post I wanted to refer to in that last section, I discovered this link to the Fungus from, and that just made my day. (And they link me in their sidebar.)

I get a big ol' grin whenever anyone links to me. Dang, I'm so pathetically easy....

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