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#1999: Nationalizing retirement will cause a revolution.

While thinking about this article I realized that's the case. Nationalizing retirement--having the government take control of all retirement accounts, removing the individual's ability to shop for plans, will result in revolt.

People are pissed off enough over ObamaCare. If the feds seize their retirement accounts--phew.

* * *

What a surprise! Obama "...appears ideological and vindictive." From the moment he curtly denied Republicans' requests by saying, "I won," I've been pretty certain the douchebag-in-chief (what? Dissent is patriotic, remember?) is as ideological and vindictive as they come.

The Anchoress is a true Christian and even she is reaching her limits for being understanding and tolerant of other ideas and viewpoints: "There, I’ve broken my own rule about referring to the American President in respectful tones, due to my respect for the office."

She lasted longer than I did! My hat's off to her.

Obama's treatment of Israel in particular and our allies in general has been stupid. The guy is nicer to despots who hate us than he is to our allies.

* * *

How long before it craters? US oil production is now rising, for the first time since the 1970s--well, hell, if you could sell a product for 500% of your costs to produce it, wouldn't you want that business?

Oil's trading around $75 per barrel on the world market. (Actually I'm sure it's more than that, but $75 will do for a rough figure.) It costs $15 per barrel to extract oil from the ground in the US. So you spend $15 and get paid $75, which is $60 of pure profit--who wouldn't want in on that?

Expect Democrats do to everything they can to stop this.

* * *

Brian Dunbar makes a good point: just what is the political structure of the United Federation of Planets?

Let's face it: Starfleet is the military. Starfleet Academy is the Harvard of the Trek universe and only the best of the best get to be in Starfleet. Starfleet personnel are all carefully groomed to be open and tolerant of other cultures (well, except for the Ferengi) and carefully given broad education in a vast number of scientific and liberal arts subjects.

But a highly-educated soldier is still a soldier, and the Maquis arose because Starfleet was forcing colonists to leave worlds ceded to the Cardassians by treaty.

Yeah, I vote for "military junta", too.

* * *

Do you suppose a "cease and desist" letter is appropriate here?

I've had this blog since April of 2006. "Please note that the band members are ages 11 to 13 and can be booked at venues admitting all-age audiences." The bio page says, "Thriving for years in the underbelly of San Francisco's music scene,..." but how many years could they have been doing this? Since before 2006? These kids started their band before they were aged "7 to 9"? Somehow I doubt it.

...guess I'm going to have to take some action. 'Cause otherwise I'll find myself getting one from them in the by-and-by. Of course they are "Atomïc Füngüs"; the random umlaut-age might give them an out. *sigh*

Crap. I don't have the money for lawyers and shit. So if you find that this place suddenly has a different name, you know why.

* * *

Civic clutch explosion at a drag strip.

Racing sanctioning bodies require various methods of containing flywheel-clutch-torque convertor shrapnel should any of those components undergo spontaneous disassembly. The video at that link shows why.

When your engine is turning at 3,000 RPM, the edges of your flywheel experience centrifugal force. The outward acceleration at the edge of your car's 18" flywheel is 235 feet per second; something on the edge of that flywheel is experiencing 7.36 gravities of acceleration.

Run the engine at 6,000 RPM. Now the acceleration is doubled, at 14.72 gravities. And because kinetic energy is the square of velocity, the flywheel is storing a godawful amount of energy.

Considering how that car's front end comes apart, the guy is lucky that stuff went that way, and not towards him.

Perhaps that's what happened to doofus--his clutch blew up. The way he was trying to do his burnout, that's not terribly surprising.

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