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#2000: Can you believe 2000 posts in four years?

I started writing Atomic Fungus as a lark--"Let's try this blogging thing"--and I never thought it would become this much of a part of my life.

The Fungus provides an important safety valve for me. I don't know how many people read this thing, but that doesn't matter; what matters is that I have a place to write about whatever the hell I feel like writing about, a place where someone other than me will be able to read it. It may be semi-random and anonymous but someone eventually reads what I write. Communication takes place.

In a bit more than a week the 4th anniversary of Atomic Fungus will arrive and I'll already be working on the third millennium of AF. Four years--and I'm not even getting paid for it. *sigh*

* * *

Joe Farah writes a good piece today about the Beatles' "Tax Man".

The Beatles made a lot of money. And because Great Britain is socialist, they had to pay a hell of a lot money to England in taxes.

And they were unhappy enough about it that George Harrison wrote a song about it. I have to wonder: was the tax rate really 95% for the topmost brackets? 95%? That's what the song implies when it says "There's one for you, nineteen for me."

I have to wonder if the Beatles were all for socialism before they hit it big? I'd wager they were, considering that entertainers--even the super-rich ones--are usually communists of one stripe or another; and did the reality of socialism change their minds at all?

Probably not. Again, even the super-rich entertainers are still commies.

So these people end up being hypocrites: "Tax those other rich people, the ones who got rich in business rather than entertainment. Don't tax us." The Beatles made their money fair and square; they didn't make it on the backs of the poor or anything, like industrialists do.

If you honestly think socialism is a good idea, you ought to be eager to give government as much as your money as you can spare. You ought to be glad to hold back 5% of your income for yourself and give the rest to the government if you really, honestly think socialism is just, if "we have to take care of our people".

If you're a millionaire socialist and you do your damnedest to avoid paying taxes--if you bitch about high taxes at your end of the scale--you're hypocrite. You're either merely paying lip service to the idea of socialism so people will like you, or else you don't believe in it enough to understand that the founding principle of socialism--"from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"--means you, rich man, will be paying through the nose so a bunch of others don't have to pay anything. If you don't like that idea, then you're anti-socialism.

If you think socialism is just and good but the taxes shouldn't be that high, you're a fool. You can't pay for social programs with good intentions and wishful thinking; it takes money. And socialism puts the squeeze on the rich, every time.

* * *

Might Paul Ryan be planning a run for President? I hope so. The guy's pretty good.

* * *

So, a South Korean military vessel just sinks because of an "unexpected hole" in the hull.

...generally speaking--generally--a hole which sinks a vessel would be "unexpected", certainly, but they don't just magically appear out of nothing. (Wait. Make that "out of something", since a hole is actually an absence of something. Or is the sudden appearance of a hole actually a sudden appearance of a certain volume of nothing in a larger volume of something? I have to start over.)

Holes don't just form for no reason. (There!) Generally speaking, if you're crusing along on the ocean and a hole just happens to the hull while you're doing it, and the ship sinks, generally something happened to make that hole.

South Korea is downplaying it. North Korea is silent. The American press is unskeptical.


* * *

Big corporations are making plans to deal with ObamaCare. And the Democrats don't like it.

The Democrats don't like the idea of negative consequences arising from something they did, even when--particularly when--those consequences were easily predictable to anyone who didn't have his head so far up his ass he could see the sunlight through his teeth.

Predictably, their response is to haul the executives of those corporations up before a congressional committee and accuse them of being criminals.

* * *

This explains why the jalopy gave me so much trouble. It's Obama trying to keep me down, man!

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