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#2001: Well, Democrats, how do you like it?

Obama is forced to make some recess appointments and he's really unhappy about it.

Cry me a river: remember all the recess appointments Bush had to make? Democrats sure didn't care about partisanship back when they were blocking all of Bush's appointments and he had to make recess appointments.

So, gander, how's that sauce?

* * *

Billionaire vegetarian doesn't want the people building her mansion to eat meat while working there.


Best comment, and it sums the story perfectly: "So someone building a $70m hotel-sized house with parking for 17 cars reckons a few tradies eating a meat pie are raping the earth. You couldnt make it up."

* * *

Again with the phishing:
Dear AT&T Internet User,

To complete your Account Verification process, you are to reply this message and enter your ID and PASSWORD in the space provided (********), you are required to do this before the next 48hrs of receipt of this e-mail, or your Webmail Account will be de-activated and erased from our database.

Full Name:
Webmail User ID:
webmail Password:

Your account can also be verified at;
Thank you for using Support Copyright 2008 The AT&T Internet Support.
Oh, please, don't cancel my account! Oh, whatever would I do? Wherever would I go?

Notice that the copyright date is 2008?


What morons.

* * *

Jalopy update:

Everything is pretty good, except that the stumbling continues.

It's limited now to extreme low-vacuum conditions: when the engine speed is low and I give it a lot of throttle, the engine stumbles. Open the throttle above 2,000 RPM and it's smooth as butter.

...and in fact, it's intermittent--sometimes it stumbles under those conditions, and sometimes it doesn't. But the "doesn't" tends to be when the engine is cold and the ECM is commanding more fuel to compensate. Coincidence?

I think it's the fuel pressure regulator (FPR). I bet it's got a bunch of that yellow powdery gunk in it, and it needs cleaning.

The FPR is set up to give maximum pressure when manifold vacuum is low. The increased fuel pressure acts something like an accelerator pump does on a carb: it gives a little shot of extra fuel in low speed, low vacuum conditions.

When the engine is zooming along at cruising speed and you open the throttle suddenly it doesn't need much extra goosing; the engine is already drawing a lot of air through the intake. But when the engine is at low speed and you open the throttle--say, to get the car moving from a stop--the vacuum in the manifold drops to zero because the engine's not pulling air in (yet) and the throttle valve is open.

The injectors stay open about the same amount of time, but the extra pressure behind them ensures a little more fuel is sprayed into the cylinders.

But if something is interfering with the operation of the FPR, it might not open fully when the manifold pressure rises, or it might be leaking, or something else could be wrong. If, for example, it opens too slowly, the engine will lean out and stumble. Then, if it further continues to remain too far open, the engine will then be running too rich, and will continue to stumble.

And that's the kind of behavior I've been seeing: when it stumbles on acceleration, it stumbles for a little bit afterwards, too. To get it to stop you have to stop accelerating for a bit and then ease onto the accelerator.

I was thinking about a host of theories regarding the stumbling issue--O2 sensor, wires, engine needing a ground strap--and then I realized that the likelihood of the stumbling being caused by two problems is rather remote. I know that a can of fuel injector cleaner fixed the majority of the problem; therefore the remainder of the problem most likely is a problem with dirt in the fuel rail.

Another can of injector cleaner may fix it; and that's the thing to do: get one, dump it in, fill the tank again, and keep driving it. If that doesn't fix it, then I can start messing around with the fuel rail and stuff. When it's warmer and I don't have a cold.

* * *

Because of my cold, I haven't been watching anime. To demonstrate why, here is a simulation of what would happen:


The cough is slowly getting better, though, and I'm actually able to get some sleep. This is good, because I just don't have any damn stamina: I can be out of bed for about four hours before I start dragging, even if all I'm doing is sitting at the computer and clicking the mouse.

Despite this, I have managed to do some crap in WoW, though not much. Örmüs is now 46th level, closing in on 47th.

Örmüs is a pretty good fit. I get to let my ego out when I play him; Örmüs has an inflated opinion of himself. I always stop by the statue of Khadgar in Stormwind and yell stuff at it ("Khadgar! You're an incompetent boob!") and do other things, just for the roleplaying hell of it.

I can see why the mage is a popular character class; it's pretty capable in combat even though mages can only use cloth armor.

* * *

Anyway, the sun is rising, I've been up for five hours, and I'm starting to drag. *sigh*

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