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#2002: Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again.

Dennis discusses what's going on down House of Representatives way.

The chairman of the House Ways and Means committee--Henry "Nostrilitis" Waxman--is upset because various large corporations (including "AT&T, Verizon, Caterpillar, Deere, Valero Energy, AK Steel and 3M") have filed SEC paperwork indicating that ObamaCare is going to force them to change their health insurance benefits due to the provisions of ObamaCare.

Waxman is accusing them of "political posturing". Dennis points out that the corporations have followed the law, submitted the proper forms to the SEC, and that the companies are going to be found to be 100% in compliance with all federal laws and regulations:
...[B]ecause each of the companies named above have filed a Form 8-K and booked losses related to the event described in the Form 8-K, those companies have documentation that has been labored over by tax and accounting professionals for months, and then reviewed thoroughly by the company's independent auditors.
The fact is, ObamaCare is going to have a whole slew of unintended consequences, things the Democrats either didn't see coming or simply didn't care to consider, and most of those things are going to cause unemployment and a reduction in the overall quality and affordability of health care in the United States.

What ObamaCare is not going to do is to have a net positive effect: anyone who thinks it will is a fool. There are too many disincentives in the scheme and there are no incentives.

Waxman is essentially demanding that AT&T ignore the laws of economics. And he doesn't have a leg to stand on.

* * *

This post has a lot of discussion about debt and its function in the economy; I'm going to quote the salient paragraph and you can read the post for context:
...[G]overnment money is “printed” in the form of holdings added mainly to banks and other assorted funds. Keynesian economics says those banks should then go out and lend that money to spur production, but right now there is hardly anyone both willing and able to take on more debt. So, the money is just sitting around losing value as time goes on. This is the source of the chart at the top of this post. Now that the threshold has been crossed, each new dollar of debt is destroying the economy rather buoying it, whatever the government’s GDP “growth” numbers say.
In other words, every dollar of deficit the feds add to the debt is taking a chunk out of the producitivity of the nation--the real productivity, not what they measure with GDP--and the economy is getting worse rather than better.

Each new dollar of debt destroys about half a dollar's worth of productivity. This way lies ruin.

So when he says, "the room is going to start getting smelly a lot sooner" than the Democrats expect, you can bank on it. The situation is not good and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

* * *

Friday morning I bought Butcher's latest paperback, Turn Coat, and had it finished by 5 AM Saturday. *sigh* A good read, a bit lighter in tone than the last few. The next Dresden Files book, Changes, will be the first with a single-word title. (Ironic.) That one's out in hardcover so it'll be a year before I read it.

* * *

This Halloween cartoon has been up since like 2001 and I still cannot figure out WTF Strong Bad says.

"So then the robot came! And he started vaporizing anybody with his [unintellible] eye! And he said, 'You take this [unintelligible]! You take this! Everybody's gonna die!"

...the rest I can make out.

I think the eye part is "vari-pulse eye", but I can't get anywhere near anything intelligible with the next part. "And prove it too"? "Improve on you"? I can't tell.

* * *

Mom is thrilled that Breaking Bad has started a new season. I don't see the attraction of the show. Oh well. Besides, I've already got four freakin' shows I look out for (House, MD, V, FlashForward, and Smallville) so I don't need another one.

The car shows have been sucking wind lately. Last week the VCR stuffed recording them and I wasn't all that upset; and the prior week, one ep was new and one was an edited recap of two other eps; the others were reruns.

That really annoyed me: I saw the episodes from the last season of Horsepower TV where they tried building big block engines in "budget" and "performace" builds, Ford and GM; I didn't care to see an episode consisting of edited highlights--and even if I had, how do they justify calling that a "new" episode?

I really do think I've just about hit the limit of what those shows can teach me, anyway. Learning anything else is probably going to require getting my hands dirty.

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